IOS is "secure and easy to use" because the iPhone is unlocked on average 80 times a day?

ByKārlis Dambrāns

Perform market research and analysisCreative StrategiesWork as an analyst atBen Bergerin"We've been involved in technical briefings for various technology companies so far, but I've never heard of the fact that we have applied custom silicone solutions that are as deep as Apple to security," Apple's security I admire philosophy and technical approach methods.

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When Ben joined Apple's technical briefing, the phrase particularly remembered in the ear was said to be a presenter's phrase "keeping balance between security and ease of use." This phrase is "an important key phrase that is the source of Apple thinking, it is also a philosophy," Ben says.

Apple's phrase "Keeping balance between security and ease of use", given the many security problems that arise in "environments using computers that require high levels of security", such as enterprises and governments , It became understandable, Ben. Until now, trying to build extremely secure security on PCs was a necessity to sacrifice the user experience, but Apple was unprecedented at the industry level "While achieving cutting edge security, user experience We are also aiming to bring new security "to strengthen."

ByJohan Larsson

What we actually did with Apple is "Touch ID" which is a particularly easy-to-understand example of the fingerprint authentication function for iOS. Before the same function was introduced to the iOS terminal, many companies and organizations were requesting to change the passcode for unlocking the terminal to 8 digits. However, Apple increased the number of digits of passcode by default from 4 to 6 digits from iOS 9 released in 2015, until then it was always a way to enter a 4 digit passcode. As a result of analyzing the information collected by Apple from each iOS terminal, the device was unlocked 80 times on average a day, heavy users had unlocked 130 times a day on average It seems because it became clear that there was.

In other words, we did not increase the number of digits of passcode by default so as not to compromise user experience. Instead, Apple introduced Touch ID, which makes it easier and safer to protect your device than passcode entry.

Apart from that, it is extremely common for Apple's ecosystem to complete login authentication for various services by entering passcodes and using fingerprint authentication. However, many users are using the terminal without setting the passcode two or three years ago, so if the terminal is lost or stolen, it is easy to make personal information in the terminal I have been accessed. However, according to Apple, 89% of iOS terminals now popular in the market are Touch ID-equipped terminals, roughly 85% of iPhone users lock their iOS devices by setting Touch ID or passcode It is said that.

It is also clear from the objective point that unlocking the terminal by Touch ID is quicker and more natural, efficient and more secure than the conventional passcode input method. It is easy to imagine that this ease of use is a major factor that could lock down the locking of the terminal using passcodes and Touch IDs for general users.


IOS has the characteristic of "keeping balance between security and ease of use", but this is realized by Apple's custom A series processors. For example, the Mac OS was developed by Apple, but the installed CPU and GPU were manufactured by other companies such as Intel / AMD / Nvidia. These CPU / GPUs perform security measures by encrypting the entire storage. On the other hand, in the case of custom A series processors installed in iOS terminals, since there is a unique designed enclosure coprocessor and also iOS of its own design, Apple encrypts all single files in the terminal It has become possible.


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