A rental server company that had hosted 1.7 million sites erroneously erased site data

The other day the company operating the rental server executed the incorrect command,"I deleted all the data on the server including the backup, was there any way to do something?" Was writtenAlthough the discussion was in doubt, this was a fake that tried how much people knew the command correctly. However, there is a server management company that really deleted server data due to incorrect instructions rather than "fishing" in the UK.

Web host 123-reg deletes sites in clean-up error - BBC News

Ubuntu 12.04 - Monday morning mistake: sudo rm - rf - no - preserve - root / - Server Fault

The topic I was talking about the other day was that the engineer at the rental server company written in the Q & A bulletin board Server Fault asked the question, "I ran the" rm - rf / "command incorrectly and all the data disappeared. I want you to tell me if there is a good way ". Mr. Marco Martara who wrote this reply asked for a plan to restore the data, but answered "I should return from the backup?", But replied "I seem to have been deleted including the backup". After finding out the detailed situation and hearing the digging of the leaves, I came to the conclusion that "I can not hit".

However, this writing is actually a matter of how much knowledge that Martha Mr. who is writing Linux related books has taken safety measures so that all data can not be erased without the option command "- no preserve" in the current Linux It seems that it was the purpose of investigating whether there was no accident that data actually disappeared from the server, and it was said that tragedy was a fictitious thing because it was a fictional thing.

However, the BBC reports that the British rental server (hosting service) "123-reg" hosting 1.7 million sites erroneously erases the data of several servers hosting it due to errors during maintenance It turned out to be done. It is clear that we are working on data recovery work.

Since the server necessary for operating the website is very expensive if you rent a server (private server) dedicated to that service,Virtual Private Server(VPS), which manages hundreds of sites on a single server to inexpensively realize private server functions virtually, 123-reg also provided VPS service .

123-reg manages data of 800 thousand sites only in the UK, the number of sites cleared data is only "small", it does not publish the exact number. Regarding BBC's interview, 123-reg acknowledged that it is not backing up all server data, and now he is in a hurry to restore data with data recovery professionals. In addition, support of 123-reg SNS and Twitter seem to be overwhelmed with screams that criticize the 123-reg management system, centering on publishers whose data has been deleted and the site has disappeared.

As a similar case, in Japan in 2012 hosting service "First serverIt is well known that a massive data loss accident occurred.First server worked to respond to accidents sincerely, It has survived as a service yet to regain customer trust, but there is a good possibility that any hosting service will come to an end if it misplaces the accident. It is said that accidents of this sort can not be avoided as long as we can not eliminate human error, and it will be deciding the quality of hosting service how to prevent accidents and how to deal with accidents that have happened.

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