I tried to eat "Thai power curry" that transcended the pub-level level that Shigesato Itoi was praised

Izakaya at the foot of Mt. Fuji in Yamanashi Prefecture "Yarn Strength (Ichiriki)"Copywriter'sShigesato ItsoiThere is a curry that Mr. 's acclaimed. It is said that it is beyond the level of a pub, and Mr. Itoi, who is one of the famous words in curry, is hookedThigh strength curryI've been eating what it is like.

Thread power (curry in Izakaya)

The location of the thread force is "5-11-15 Shimoshida Fujiyoshida-shi Yamanashi prefecture"It is located in the residential area of ​​approximately 3 km east of Fujikyu Highland.

This sign is a landmark.

Originally it was a sake brewery, and it became famous even in curry.

It is under the sign "itrich curry" opposite the shop across the road ......

Parking lot is complete, too.

I will go into the store at once.

Enter the front seat counter seat.

The sake menu is slick. Curry at noon, it seems to be a pub at night. You can order curry even at night.

Relaxation of alcohol (fish) is changing daily.

Curry for this time. I tried ordering "Coconut Curry" (daytime 700 yen · night 850 yen) of "Itoi Shigiri recommended gift 1".

Salad served with service.

Fukujima pickles and rucksacks were also prepared.

Coconut curry that this is rave reviews by Mr. Itoi. Curry roux is as smooth as soup.

Meat is pork.

Above rice is wolfberry fruit (Goji berry)

In the roux there is a pink pepper. It is a big characteristic of yarn strength curry that the fruits themselves are contained rather than crushed and mixed with spices peppers into roux. Immediately after putting in the mouth the coconut scent and sweetness spread, but Ru itself is a spicy spicy, and the crackling feel of the pink pepper has a presence as smooth Ru accents.

And this pork is superb. Softness enough to unravel and loosen when placed in the mouth. It is not stewing with roux but stewing it separately with soup stock.

A spoon goes on with spicy ruff and juicy pork and finishes in a blink of an eye. Curry rice of yarn strength was indeed beyond the level of "Curry from Izakaya".

In addition, curry of yarn strength is retort "Itrick curry"It is also sold as, you can reproduce the yam power curry just like the real home at home. By the way, according to the mammer of the yarn strength, "There is a regular person who is directly calling a shop and having him send a rou that I put in tappa".

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