An earthquake that observed the maximum seismic intensity 7 in Kumamoto prefecture occurred, there was no concern about the tsunami

An earthquake with a maximum seismic intensity of 7 occurred in Kumamoto Prefecture around 21:26 on Friday, April 14, 2016. The epicenter is Kumamoto district, according to the Japan Meteorological Agency, it is said that there is no fear of the tsunami at the moment, but a large aftershock with a maximum seismic intensity of less than 6 is also recorded. There was an earthquake that recorded strong intensity of 6 in Kumamoto prefecture Aso · Kumamoto around 1:25 on Saturday, April 16, according to the Meteorological Agency that this is "main shock".

Japan Meteorological Agency | Earthquake Information

Earthquake Information :: Weather News

The depth of the epicenter was about 10 km, the magnitude showing the magnitude of the earthquake showed 6.4. The seismic intensity information of NHK at 21:30 is like this.

In addition to recording the maximum seismic intensity of 7 in Mashiki-machi, Kumamoto Prefecture, we recorded a seismic intensity of less than 6 in East Kumamoto, Kumamoto Nishi Ward, Kumamoto Minami Ward, Tamana City, Uki City, Nishihara Village and so on.

An emergency earthquake flash report, which seems to have come out just before the earthquake occurred.

Tweets from the people who encountered the earthquake, such as the interior and the inside of the shop get messed up are being sent.

Currently, official residence countermeasures office is established at the crisis management center under the prime minister's official residence.

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According to NHK, it seems that the shops where victims have already done are being cleaned up of garbage etc.

Kumamoto airport is checking for damage on runway etc.

In JR Kyushu, I am about to stop driving on the Kyushu Shinkansen (Hakata - Kagoshima Middle) and the Kagoshima Main Line (Kurume - Kawauchi). Driving delay has occurred at the Kagoshima Main Line (Moji port ~ Kurume · Kawachi ~ Kagoshima), Nagasaki main line (Tosu ~ Nagasaki), Sasebo line (Hizen Mt. Sasebo ~ Sasebo), Nippon-To main line (Ogura ~ Kagoshima).

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In the seismic intensity class of the Meteorological AgencyA case where "seismic intensity 7" was reached in the pastIs
· 1995: Hyogo ken Nanbu Earthquake (Great Hanshin Earthquake)
· 2004: Niigata Prefecture Chuetsu Earthquake
· 2011: Tohoku Region Pacific Offshore Earthquake (East Japan great earthquake)
Three cases of earthquake and the fourth case of this case example.

According to Kyushu Electric Power, the only Kawachi nuclear power plant operating in the domestic nuclear power plant is not affected by the earthquake and it is in operation as usual.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is planning to hear stories about the situation currently being grasped by the countermeasures office.

·2016/04/14 22: 05
Within the JR Kyushu Tube, delays are also occurring in the Wakamatsu Line (Wakamatsu - Orio), Fukuoka Yutaka Line (Orio - Hakata), Harada Line (Katsuragawa - Harada), Hitahikozan Line (Shiroyo - Noi Ming).

·2016/04/14 22: 10
An earthquake with a maximum seismic intensity of less than 6 occurred at 22:06.

Earthquake Information - Japan Weather Association

Please keep vigilant as we continue to have big aftershocks in the future. Please do not approach the collapsing slope or the building that is going to collapse.

·2016/04/14 22: 16
At the prime minister 's office, the interview by Chief Cabinet Secretary Kanji Sugani began.

In Mashiki-machi where the seismic intensity 7 was recorded, it is said that 10 or more pieces of information that the building collapsed has arrived. There seems to be a place where there is a blackout / waterfall.

·2016/04/14 22: 22
There is information that cliff collapse is occurring at National Route 445 which connects Kumamoto city Chuo Ward and Hitoyoshi city.

Also at 22:22, aftershocks occurred that recorded seismic intensity 4.

Japan Meteorological Agency | Earthquake Information

·2016/04/14 22: 30
In Mashiro-machi firefighting and people in the town gather in front of the building of the office building, it seems that they are checking the damage situation etc. In addition, it seems that there seems to be power outage around the office.

According to Professor Naotaka Hirata of the University of Tokyo Earthquake Research Institute, the earthquake is shallow and occurred in the inland, so there is no worry about the tsunami, but you can say that there are always aftershocks, so in a building not being earthquake-resistant or falling of furniture I want you to be careful.

"There is always aftershocks" Hirata Nao - Tokyo Earthquake Research Institute Professor: Asahi Shimbun Digital

·2016/04/14 22: 34
The fire department announces PDF summarizing the damage situation as of 22:15.

According to the data of the Fire and Disaster Management Agency, human damage, physical damage, and other damage are currently being confirmed. At 22:05, Governor of Kumamoto Prefecture requested the Director General of the Fire and Disaster Management Agency to call for an emergency fire brigade, and at 22:10, the Director of the Fire and Disaster Management Agency asked for emergency fire assistance troops to be dispatched .

·2016/04/14 22: 40
An emergency earthquake bulletin went out in Kumamoto Prefecture. We recorded a maximum seismic intensity of less than 5 in Kumamoto district.

Japan Meteorological Agency | Earthquake Information

·2016/04/14 22: 45
On Twitter, information that seems that the stone wall of Kumamoto castle is collapsing is also out.

Please turn off the fire after the shake stops. Also, in the Great Hanshin Earthquake, there is a case where a line is short-circuited and a fire has occurred, so when you evacuate it is said that you want a breaker to evacuate.

·2016/04/14 22: 57
There is one fire in Mashiro-machi, there are other information that there are many other gas leaks.

·2016/04/14 23: 08
"House collapsed", "Kimmi earthquake trembling" Kumamoto earthquake, residents Budoken: Asahi Shimbun Digital

NTT docomo · au · Softbank Mobile has started a disaster message service.

NTT docomo Home



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Furthermore, there is an emergency earthquake prompt report, and an earthquake with a seismic intensity of 6 is occurring in Kumamoto district.

NHK is delivering news on air broadcast on comprehensive TV for free on the net.

NHK NEWS WEB News is being offered simultaneously

In NicoNico Live broadcast, the image of NTVER NEWS 24 is being delivered.

Earthquake image of seismic intensity 7 in Kumamoto provision: Nittele NEWS 24 - 2016/04/14 23:42 start - NicoNico Live broadcast

· 2016/04/15 0:21 postscript
LINE is a "LINE Out" function that can be put on a fixed phone / cell phone, and freeing up to 10 minutes for one call to make calls to numbers in Japan.

Google is "Google Crisis Response" that summarizes earthquake related information, and we began offering "Person Finder" that can find people and provide safety information.

Google Crisis Response

Person Finder (safety information): Japan

The Person Finder has become a service that enables mutual provision of information at the time of disaster, and it is possible to find the safety information of friends and family members.

In Kumamoto prefecture there are large households and blackouts are occurring.

Some people seem to have been caught in a collapsed building.

Kumamoto earthquake, four people buried alive in Mashiro Town - Kyodo News 47 NEWS

Ishigaki collapse photograph of Kumamoto castle, Asahi Shimbun express to the site and shoot with a single lens camera.

A person volunteering at Kumamoto Castle Society Awards photographed Ishigaki of Kumamoto Castle.

The Kyushu Shinkansen derailed in Kumamoto city, and the 6 train formation forwarding trains on the way of entering the garage from Kumamoto Station were derailed by all 6 cars.

Delivery train of Kyushu Shinkansen derailment in Kumamoto city | NHK News

· 2016/04/15 0:24 Addendum
NHK has released a special page that summarizes the latest information, photos, and movies of the earthquake.

NHK NEWS WEB news special seismic intensity in Kumamoto prefecture 7

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· 2016/04/15 0:36 Addendum
The Geographical Survey Institute publishes active fault map / topography classification / photograph of Kumamoto district.

· 2016/04/15 0:44 Addendum
The Mainichi Shimbun publishes the photos of the local area on the photo feature page.

Earthquake: Kumamoto seismic intensity 7 = 9: 26 pm - Mainichi Newspaper

· 2016/04/15 0:52 Addendum
The Asahi Shimbun Photographic Division exposes the evacuation of neighboring residents by laying plastic sheets in the schoolyards of the school.

Kumamoto University opened the ground and the gymnasium as an evacuation place.

· 2016/04/15 1:02 Addendum
About the derailment of the Kyushu Shinkansen, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport has announced that there are no injuries.

· 2016/04/16 20: 32
The aftershocks of seismic intensity 4 to 6 continued even after the earthquake occurred on the 14th evening, but the earthquake that occurred in the early morning of April 16 (around 1:25) and recorded the strong seismic intensity was expressed as "main shock" It is. Although the seismic intensity of seismic intensity 7, which is regarded as the pre-earthquake, is greater in the seismic intensity, the magnitude indicating the magnitude of the earthquake was 7.3.

Japan Meteorological Agency | Earthquake Information

Apart from this, there is a big earthquake with Ari, Oita prefecture central Kobe earthquake as the source, but this is different from the Kumamoto earthquake and there are three other earthquakes in the nearby place It seems to be said.

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Methods and link summary for obtaining information and confirming safety information on the Internet at the time of disaster occurrence - GIGAZINE

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