The Taliban propaganda app appears on Google Play and disappears the next day


To propaganda application "to collect more audiences effectively and globally"TalibanHas developed and registered on Google Play. This application has been withdrawn already for "technical problem solving".

Taliban app removed from Google store - BBC News

Taliban Develop Smartphone App to Advance Propaganda Efforts - Bloomberg

Afghan Taliban Develops Android App, Lists on Google Play Store | Jihadist News

The application accounts for 45% of Afghan population and 11% of Pakistan's populationPashtoonTo usePashtoIt was made with, was able to see the official statements and videos of the Taliban, and was to content the opposition government movement in the country.

The application was registered on Google Play on April 1st and found by an NGO monitoring the movement of the site Intel Group jihad fighters. The application was deleted from Google Play on April 2, but at BBC, since Google prohibits hate speech as an application policy, I guess that it was deleted due to policy violation I will.

Meanwhile, Taliban spokesperson Zabihullah Mujahed told Bloomberg that it was once deleted to solve technical problems and said it will be re-released soon.

The Taliban has published the site in five languages ​​and is spreading digital development such as updating Twitter and Facebook with English and Arabic, and this application is considered part of that.

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