Knowledge to know in the world where "nuclear winter" may come

ByMiran Rijavec

There are many nuclear weapons in the world that can destroy the Earth many times. A movie that summarizes the points that you need to know because you live in a world where many such nuclear weapons existWhy You Should Care About Nukes"Is published on YouTube.

Why You Should Care About Nukes - YouTube

In the movie, Mr. Max Tegmak, a physicist, answers questions about nuclear weapons held by his friend Henry one after another. So Henry's first question is "Why should we have an interest in nuclear weapons?"

"It's much more dangerous for nuclear weapons than we initially thought," Max said. The most dangerous point of nuclear weapons is that it can be mass destroyed by explosion, but it is caused by explosionRadioactive falloutEven with the atomic bombing by the death (ashes of death), it happens with a high altitude explosionElectromagnetic pulseNot so.

"The most fearful thing is that the explosion of one nuclear bomb is the triggerNuclear winterIt will come ", Max. Only 1000 nuclear bomb explosion, the atmosphere that covers the earth becomes dark and it can cause mini ice age in winter all the year.

If the Mini Ice Age is realized, the global food system will collapse ... ...

It seems that the future that 7 billion people on Earth will die out can also occur.

Here, when Henry asked "" Were not most nuclear weapons destroyed at the end of the Cold War? ", It is" YES and NO, "Max said.

At the end of the Cold War, the US and Russia dispose of many nuclear weapons. However, these two countries are still possessing many nuclear weapons, and the number is more than 7000 each. In other words, the United States and Russia own enough nuclear weapons to realize nuclear winter multiple times by themselves alone.

"But I think that nobody wishes to start a nuclear war with sanity, but why should I worry about nuclear winter happening?" Henry.

Mr. Max's response to this said: "As you can imagine, a full nuclear attack is unlikely to happen, because nuclear war is most likely to happen not for political reasons, but by chance It is because there seems to be more likely to occur ".

In fact, a defective computer chip warned that "a missile has been flying from the Soviet Union" by malfunctioning the alarm system in the United States, at this time the US government is preparing the Soviet Union for adequate retaliation I heard he was advancing.

Also, Russian satellites have misunderstood "sunlight reflected on clouds" as a missile flying from the United States.

Furthermore, after the end of the Cold War, there seems to be a case that Russian radar system misunderstood a rocket aimed at academic research fired by Norway as an American nuclear missile, and has taken a counterattack regime.

Though all of these were found to be misidentifications of computers and systems beforehand, retaliatory attacks could not be made, but "It is not surprising when nuclear war will occur from the accident when humanity's fate runs out "Mr. Max.

Subsequently, Henry asked, "Is it not a threat to national security to completely dispose of nuclear weapons?"

"It is clear that it requires a small number of nuclear weapons to effectively prevent nuclear attacks, and it will also deter the threat against other nations," Max said.

However, owning thousands of nuclear weapons, "to bear the risk of accidental nuclear war" is stupid, noisy and irresponsible, Max said.

"If you keep holding excessive nuclear weapons, it is clear that the winter of the nuclear will come someday."

Henry, convinced of the content so far, finally asked, "Why do I have to live a life worrying about nuclear weapons? If I do not think there is anything I can do if nuclear warfare occurred "A question is asked.

Max said, "Of course there is also something you can do.The nuclear weapons development competition is not done only for security.The politician who wants to raise money and bravado is one cause of nuclear weapons development competition "Answer.

In fact, there are plans to increase investment in the US and Russia, although it is time to shrink investment in the manufacture and development of nuclear weapons.

Also,S & P 500Since 2% of the 500 companies included in nuclear weapons development is a company related to nuclear weapons development, Max can condemn these companies to participate in the nuclear weapons development competition even if it can not stop tax payment, Mr. Max I am insisting.

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