Why does the world after nuclear war do not look like Mad Max?


movies"Mad Max Max's Angry Death Road"After the nuclear war was triggered, the modern society was destroyed by global drought and the survivors depicted the state of survivors depriving supplies and resources as the whole earth became like the Sahara Desert It was. In the movie it was drawn many of the main chase and Imotan · Joe car chase in the tasteless desert desert, but in fact, "The earth after the nuclear war has occurred in the world of Mad Max Does it become like? "Is scientifically explained.

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Jay Famiglietti, a scientist at NASA, said, "One person who thinks that Mad Max's world is pretty real, given the nuclear massacres. One third of the world's largest aquifer is decreasing due to human consumption of water, and the reduction speed is faster than the rate at which aquifers accumulate water due to rain. Dependence on this aquifer is increasing as the population on the earth increases, and together with the impact of global warming, it is said that it is increasingly causing drought, reducing the river, reducing the amount of groundwater about. And it is unknown to scientists how long the aquifer can be maintained. It may be lost in ten years or it may be as much as 20,000 years. And when the aquifer withered, it can not be said that the massacre over the water will not bring about the end of the world.

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However, if "nuclear warhead" appears in the story, the scenario will be different again. Mad Max Max's anger Death Road was filmed in the desert of the Republic of Namibia, but Alan Robock of Rutgers University, a specialist in climatology, said that the deserts appearing in the film are "completely different from the world after nuclear warfare" I point out. Robock said in a research in 2014, "If India and PakistanNuclear bombs of the same size as dropped in Hiroshima and NagasakiWe will announce the prediction that 50 explosions will occur ". According to this forecast, 5 million tons of soot born due to the explosion reaches the stratosphere and finally spreads throughout the earth. Then, it is included in the sootCarbon blackIt spreads and the sky of all over the world becomes black. Since carbon black absorbs one million times the energy of carbon dioxide, the temperature of the stratosphere rises, while sunlight is obstructed, so that "Nuclear winterThe ice age called ___ is coming.

Research teams of Robock et al., Using the Earth's climate model, have found that the temperature of the earth after the nuclear war has been as low as never experienced in the past 1000 years. In this state of the earth, each season is shortened, while deep ultraviolet irradiation becomes strong as the ozone layer becomes thinner, it is seen that many foods will die. From this trend, Robock predicts that a worldwide crop will occur. In China, the production of rice is reduced to the current 20%, it is said that 300 million people in China and about 2 billion people on the global scale may starve to death.

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As of 2016 countries such as the United States, Russia, the United Kingdom and China have nuclear weapons, but it is almost impossible to correctly measure how much debris remains on the earth after nuclear powers of these countries are used for war It is impossible. However, Mr. Robock predicts that 150 million tons of smoke will crowd the earth and create a climate equivalent to the glacier era that occurred 18,000 years ago.

However, at Mad Max, "blue sky" is drawn rather than "black sky". According to Mr. Robock, it is necessary for at least thirty years to regain blue sky once the dark sky has dyed black. So, the world of Mad Max is decades after the nuclear war? If that is the case, there will be doubts as well. Because one of the causes of global warming is the rise in the level of oxygen dioxide on the earth, but if the population drastically decreases due to the war, the amount of oxygen dioxide generation will decrease and global warming will stop. Since the "black sky" by nuclear warfare will disappear within the decades after the war, after several decades at least it should be the same as the present, but a world where global warming is not confirmed. And at this time, the drought caused by global warming should be contained.

Therefore, once the situation of the Earth's atmosphere is restored, a world without problems in terms of carbon dioxide level and water circulation is born, so billions of people suffer with less water supply, like Mad Max It does not become a world.

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