Is it a cockroach that dominates the earth after the nuclear war?


From the appearance and ecology of cockroachesUnpleasant pestThere are many people who dislikes and dislikes, but life force is very strong, it is also whispered the urban legend that "If the human race is destroyed in the nuclear war, the surviving cockroach dominates the earth". But is it really a nuclear war, can cockroaches survive in it?

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The theme of "Nuclear war and human ruin" in science fiction novels and movies is popular, but there is a story that can not be an urban legend or a political story that the cockroach dominates the earth after the destruction of the human race. It was after the Second World War that this theory was born, it is said that the cause of the report that "I saw cockroaches" in Hiroshima and Nagasaki where the atomic bomb was dropped was raised. About this uncertain city legend, the world's largest documentary channel ·Discovery ChannelofMythBustersThe team challenged with a scientific approach.

MythBusters: Discovery Channel

Three kinds of radiation dose of 1000 rad, 10 thousand rad, 100 th rad radiated to cockroach. 1000 rad is the amount of radiation absorption enough to death in 10 minutes if human beings, but half of the cockroaches survived. In addition, 10% survived even at 10,000 rad, and every cockroach died if it was 100,000 rad.

It comes out hereRad (rad)Is a unit representing the total amount of absorbed radiation. When absorbing dose of 1 kg / 1 substance (1 J / kg) given energy corresponding to Joules (1 J / kg) is 1Gy (Gray)It is 1 rad = 0.01 Gy, though it is defined. In radiation related news"Millisie Belt" "Micro Sea Belt"Is used, but this is calculated by multiplying 1 Gy by the coefficient of susceptibility to the human body prescribed for each kind of radiation, it is made as a unit for thinking about the influence on the human body to the last Because of that, "1 rad = what sievert" can not be converted.

Experimental results confirmed that "cockroaches are more resistant to radiation than humans, even if human beings are destroyed in the nuclear war, they may survive."

However, there are many radiation-resistant organisms in the natural world far more than cockroaches, for exampleComputeCan survive even with radiation absorption of 100,000 rads where cockroaches are annihilated.


Even if the human ruin died, it does not seem to be a situation where "cockroach dominates the earth".

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I am correcting the content by not being able to convert RAD and SIBELE simply.

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