How long will humanity die if war with nuclear weapons happens?

It is pointed out that there is a possibility that human beings will be destroyed if war using nuclear weapons occurs. A movie to explain what happens if a nuclear bomb actually explodesWhat If We Have A Nuclear War?"It turns out that even a war using nuclear weapons among countries that are not nuclear powers like the United States, Russia, and China will cause a catastrophe that will cause many people to die.

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The atomic bomb (atomic bomb) dropped in Hiroshima and Nagasaki about 70 years ago is the only two cases where nuclear weapons were used in the war. However, 15,000 nuclear bombs still exist. What will happen if a nuclear bomb is used in war?

Damage from nuclear bombs varies greatly depending on surrounding conditions such as weather and falling points.

However, it is generally thought that 35% of the energy is released as heat or radiation.

Thermal radiation is transmitted at the speed of light. The long light with the intense light emitted at this time will cause vision to be lost for several minutes. This is called "flashblindness".

The 1 Megaton nuclear bomb is 80 times bigger than the atomic bomb dropped in Hiroshima. If a 1 Megaton class contemporary nuclear bomb explodes in sunny weather, Flashblindness will occur up to 21 kilometers away from the hypocenter.

If it is a fine night, the range extends to 85 kilometers.

The first level of thermal radiation is 11 kilometers away. The second level is 10 kilometers, the third level is 8 kilometers. At the 3rd level skin tissue of the skin is destroyed.

If the third level of burns extends to 24% of the whole body, there is a danger to life if you do not receive emergency treatment.

Also, depending on the color of the clothes you wear, the damage will also be different, and if you wear black absorbing light against a white shirt that is easy to reflect light, you will be more seriously damaged.

It is estimated that the temperature reached as much as 300,000 degrees in the hypocenter of Hiroshima's atomic bomb. This is 300 times the temperature to be cremated.

In Hiroshima, strong heat radiation left "shadows" of various things.

However, it is the blast that is emitted as the largest energy in the atomic bomb.

Even buildings are destroyed and blown away by rapidly changing atmospheric pressures.

If a 1 Megaton nuclear bomb explodes, even 180 feet of force will be applied even 6 kilometers away, even a two-story building will be destroyed.

The speed of the blast at this time is 255 kilometers per hour.

If it is 1 km from the hypocenter, the pressure change is quadrupled and the wind speed reaches 756 kilometers per hour. There are no trees or buildings anymore.

Even if we receive 180 tons of wind, the human body will not be destroyed.

However, collisions of various things blown up by blasts can cause injuries that result in fatal injuries.

In some cases it will be crushed by a fallen building.

These explosions are only for the case of a 1 Megaton nuclear bomb.

By the way, the huge nuclear bomb that has been made up to now is 50 Megatons in 'TSAR BOMBA' made by Russia. The energy generated by the explosion is estimated to be 3333 atom bombs in Hiroshima.

Not all radiation is dangerous. For example, there is no problem if it is a trace amount of radiation emitted by a smartphone.

However, radiation with sufficient energy to remove the electrons that are taking place at the center of the nuclear explosion from the atom is dangerous.

Also, the magnitude of the radiation changes depending on external structures such as buildings. Because the wood penetrates the radiation, concrete can not pass through, because radiation penetration condition is different.

When exposed to 600 REM of radiation, the probability that a fatal illness will occur is 90%. At 450 REM the probability is 50%.

However, even if life is saved, DNA is damaged, so in the future immunity diseases and cancer may occur.

In the place where the nuclear bomb exploded, a crater is made and a mushroom cloud rises.

The radioactive material generated by the explosion will be dispersed in the atmosphere and will eventually be rain and spread to the surrounding area.

The radiation level declines with time and drops to 1% after 2 weeks. However, in order to avoid radiation caused by nuclear bomb explosion, we need to stay in the nuclear shelter for two weeks.

So, what kind of results will result if war with a number of nuclear bombs happens?

For example, if nuclear warfare occurs in India and Pakistan, nuclear bombs of 100 nuclear bombs in Hiroshima may be used.

In addition, the number of nuclear bombs that America, Russia and China have is not a ratio of India and Pakistan.

When the nuclear war of India vs Pakistan happens, the ashes that will result from the explosion cover the entire earth.

As a result, the temperature of the whole earth is lowered by as much as 9%, crop malfunction occurs and famine occurs.

There are also studies to estimate 2 billion people who starve to death by the war with 100 nuclear bombs.

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