What happens when nuclear bombs all over the world explode all at once?



'What happens if you detonate a large number of nuclear bombs all over the world?' Is a point that has been considered many times. However, as a clear answer to this question is not yet available, the science-based YouTube channel Kurzgesagt has gathered the opinions of scientists and thinks about this question once again.

What If We Detonated All Nuclear Bombs at Once?-YouTube

As of 2019, there are as many as 15,000 nuclear weapons on earth. The breakdown shows that the United States and Russia each possess about 7,000 nuclear weapons, and the six countries of France, China, the United Kingdom, India, Israel, and North Korea have a total of about 1000 nuclear weapons.

Scientifically calculating how powerful these are actually.

There are 4,500 cities with a population of over 100,000 on the earth. If you want to destroy a city of average size, you will need three nuclear bombs per location.

In other words, all the cities mentioned above can be destroyed by nuclear bombs that exist around the world. This destruction kills about 3 billion people, half of humanity.

And even if we destroy cities all over the world, there are still 1,500 nuclear weapons.

Now, as another hypothesis, consider what happens if you blow up 15,000 nuclear bombs at once.

Suppose you bring a nuclear bomb to the Amazon.

A typical US-owned warhead has the power of 200,000 tons of

TNT . In other words, 15,000 nuclear bombs correspond to 3 billion tons of TNT.

As for how much this is, it is enough to rebuild Manhattan in a building built by building TNT.

The volcanic eruption is one that can be compared with the power of 3 billion tons of TNT. The

Krakatau eruption in 1883 destroyed 70% of the island and the surrounding islands. Due to the eruption, the West Bank of Java becomes almost dark, and about 2700 people are killed by the tsunami. It is said that even people who flee to a hill 35 meters high died.

The 15,000 nuclear bombs transported to the Amazon are equivalent to 15 times the energy of the Krakatau eruption.

If you blow up this at once, a fireball of 50 km in diameter will be generated in an instant, and all will be vaporized.

And create a blast that sweeps over a 3,000 square kilometer forest ...

All creatures within 250 kilometers of the center of the explosion begin to burn.

Explosives can be heard all over the world, and pressure waves dozens of times around the earth in a few weeks ...

Millions of tons of burned material flow into the atmosphere.

Also, mushroom clouds reach outside the stratosphere.

The fire spread throughout South America, burning forests and cities, and once the fire settles, a small 10-kilometre crater should remain at the center of the worst fires of the past 1000 years.

And very intense radiation kills the creatures, and several kilometers around the crater are no longer living creatures.

The fallout of the mushroom cloud soars into the atmosphere and spreads around the world.

The amount of radioactive material in the environment doubles around the world. This is not the amount that will end civilization, but for a while, it tends to be cancerous.

Particles of ash and smoke float in the atmosphere, causing

nuclear winter , and the temperature of the earth is expected to drop several years over several years.

We have found that 15,000 nuclear bombs can cause massive damage, but let's consider what if humanity mined all the uranium on earth and made as large a nuclear bomb as possible. It is estimated that there are about 35 million tons of uranium in the earth's crust ...

This is enough to sustain human civilization for over 2000 years.

This uranium can produce 10 billion nuclear bombs dropped to Hiroshima.

This is a cube 3 kilometers high with energy equivalent to a stone clash that would kill the dinosaur 65 million years ago.

Put this huge cube in the Amazon ...

Blow up. This will be a huge fireball that will reach high above the sky.

It is possible to see the fireball clearly from the sky.

The power is tremendous: the ground moves like a drop of water, creating a crater 100 kilometers in diameter.

The surrounding mountains vaporize in an instant, and thousands of tons of material are dumped into the atmosphere.

There are some substances thrown into the outer space that keep drifting through the space as it is ...

Things that fall on the earth again as debris with high fever. These raise the temperature of the earth ...

Many large creatures will die on the ground that has become like the inside of the oven, and storms should strike the world.

The crust will also be affected, and a massive earthquake of unprecedented magnitude will occur around the world, and hurricane-class winds will overthrow trees throughout South America, and wildfires will encircle the continent.

After that, the hydrocarbons generated by the fire create a thick layer in the atmosphere and block the light of the sun, so the temperature drops around the world.

With decades of winter, many large animals, including humans, will become extinct

However, only a few hundred years after the blasting, the blast wounds begin to heal.

After 1000 years, creatures appear again ...

In millions of years, it is believed that many more creatures will thrive than when humans were present.

When intellectual life appeared again and began to study geology, radioactive materials such as uranium from the stratum, and those mixed with plastic and rare earth elements used by humans might be discovered and confused. not.

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