The present situation of German wild boar carrying the negative heritage of Chernobyl

It occurred in 1986Chernobyl nuclear power plant accident, The radioactive material scattered by the explosion damaged the neighboring countries as well as the worldwide scale. It is clear from the survey conducted recently in Germany that the influence of radiation, which is considered to be caused by the accident, remains.

Radioactive wild boar roaming the forests of Germany - Telegraph

According to the results of the survey carried out by the government of Saxony State, Germany, one-third of wild boars inhabiting the area have accumulated radioactive substances in the body, reaching a level unsuitable for human consumption It is clear that there is. The existence of wild boars is one of the threats to human society, such as the closing of the highway due to the inauguration of wild boar, the occurrence of a case in which a woman riding a wheelchair is hit by wild boar, but this time the radioactivity The influence is likely to be another threat in another dimension.

The fuel in the nuclear reactorCore meltingIn the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant accident in the worst nuclear accident in the history of explosion after it caused the radioactive material scattered by the explosion caused severe radioactive contamination in the surrounding area. The influence is enormous, the situation of contamination is not improved at all even after about 30 years from the accident, Chernobyl is "Ten cities the most contaminated in the worldIt is listed as one of. Influence has also spread to a wide area in Europe, soil contamination has been confirmed even in France, etc. In addition, many radioactive substances are accumulated in the wild boar body living in Germany that is more than 1000 km away from Chernobyl It is thought that it is one of the influences of Chernobyl, although it is made clear that it is.

Wild boars are thought to be remarkably affected by pollution on the surface because they dig in the ground and use mushrooms etc. buried in the ground as food. In 2012, when capturing wild boar, it is mandatory to receive radiological examinations, and if it exceeds the safety standard of 600 Becquerel per kg it is necessary to dispose of it and dispose of it . As a result of receiving this test in 752 people in a year, it was found that 297 people, which is actually about 40%, actually exceeded the standards, and it was also confirmed that there were individuals that exceeded the reference value by more than 10 times It is said that there is.

Sometimes the meat of the hunted wild boar was sold as food, and there are cases where economic damage is received by this. According to Stefen Richter, who is the president of the Saxony State Hunter Association, "Although it is possible to cover the hunting expenses, if the capture wild boar is to be disposed of, , The profit from sales will be lost, "he says of the situation of the damage.

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In addition, it is expected that it will take a very long time to solve this problem. Since contaminated routes are closely involved in the food chain including soil contamination, it is expected that it will be a long battle unit of 50 years before pollution is removed.

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