Dyson's founder speaks "What is an important element in organizing?"

ByTheater der Künste

Dyson is an engineer leading company, members in the organization whether they are actually engineers involved in technology development or not, it is characterized by taking engineering problem solving methods. James Dyson, who is the founder of such Dyson, reveals Dyson's organization theory.

Organizational thinking: Why Dyson does it differently - The Globe and Mail

◆ Doubt experts: Take a different way from the general way

ByVirtual EyeSee

Mr. Dyson always has confidence in the two elements "youth" and "inexperience", which seems to be unchanged since Mr. Dyson started Dyson with several new graduate engineers. Dyson continues to grow from its foundation, and currently there are more than 2,000 engineers and scientists enrolled in the company, but half of the current employment is covered by hiring new graduates from the university. I do not underestimate that I am inexperienced at Dyson, so I recruit, so the average age of the members of the research team seems to be very young, 26 years old.

Besides this, Dyson seems to hire several skilled experts with external expertise, but basically it seems to leave important responsible work to young talent from the first day of employment. The reason for leaving responsible work from the beginning to young and inexperienced people is, "I asked" Why is this work like this? "And I hope to solve the problem," Dyson said. Daison's expectation is not "how this problem was solved last time" but "I will tell you how to solve this problem in the best way this time". This is the same as the flow of product development "engineering, making prototypes, and conducting tests" for engineers.

This way of thinking can benefit many companies, not just technology companies, Mr. Dyson. Rather than doing things blindly, taking a new approach even if taking risks leads to better results.

◆ Taking a long-term perspective

BySteve Jurvetson

Dyson is a family business, not having cashed most of the assets, Mr. Dyson. As a result, it seems that Dyson has been able to take a long-term perspective. "We risk risk everyday," Dyson said, expanding the time scale diminished the importance of the problem in the short term, so that we can tackle those problems with better opportunities It will be. "We have the freedom to think things from different perspectives because of being a family company," Dyson said.

Dyson is not necessarily working for commercial purposes, but business needs to generate profits. Therefore, in Dyson, in order to grow a company, to create new ideas and technologies, we are planning to collaborate with research institutes such as universities that conduct a stimulating research by investing a lot of money into research and development. about.

According to Mr. Dyson, Dyson is investing about 2.7 billion dollars (about 310 billion yen) for future technology development and will release over 100 new products worldwide over the next four years It is said that it is a schedule. It seems that Dyson is not conducting research on investment efficiency, but he is investing in even unproven ideas.

A kind of hand dryer installed in the toilet, accidentally born while studying highly efficient air flow "Dyson Airblade"Is a product born from such an unknown part, Mr. Dyson.

◆ Learn from other things

BySteven S.

It is very important that you have a hero for yourself. For Mr. Dyson, hero is an engineer, Frank Whittl, a member of a turbojet engine's predecessor, who was an unusual foresight who intuitively understands things amazingly correctly. Whitle continued his research to develop better aviation engines even after the Ministry of Aviation lost interest, so the Marlin engine has as many as 13,000 moving parts, while the jet invented by Frank Whittler There was only one moving part of the engine. In Dyson, he seems to have purchased an engine developed by Whitel as a symbol of patience for engineers.

Nevertheless, Mr. Dyson says that the most inspirational thing is "a young engineer."

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