"Flag Stories" that you can see well the colors, layouts and design elements often used in flags around the world


As of March 2016, there are 193 countries in the United NationsAccessionI have different national flags for each country. A site that gathers all the data on national flags is "Flag Stories"You can visually learn the color and design of the flag.

Flag Stories

◆ 01: Number of colors used for national flag
More than one-third of all the world's flags are simple colors of three or four colors, but there are colorful flags that use more than six colors.

◆ 02: Color combination of flags
The most common combination is red, blue, white tricolor. There are many national flags of red, green and yellow in Africa, and combination of red · white · green · black is frequently used in Arab countries.

◆ 03: Main flag of the flag
The most common is red, the primary colors are blue and green, white and yellow are somewhat minority.

◆ 04: Symbols used for national flag
Of the flags of the whole world, about two-thirds of the national flag has some symbol marks drawn. The most commonly used marks are stars, followed by shields, crosses, the sun, the moon, and so on.

◆ 05: Day of the flag
In the world, there are 45 countries where "national flag day" celebrating the day when the national flag was established, and there are other countries celebrating the day of the flag more than twice a year besides.

◆ 06: Flag combination
For example, the Greenland flag is a design that combines Polish white and red horizontal flags of Japan and Japanese Hinomaru by chance, as the national flag of the design combining the features of the two flags is present. Union Jack in the United Kingdom is a design that combines the three national flags of Scotland, England, Ireland which originally existed.

◆ 07: The meaning of the color used for the flag
For example, the yellow color of the Brazilian flag means "resource", green means "nature", blue means "sky", but in the flag of the United Arab Emirates the green is It means 'rich land'. Besides, in Botswana flag white and black represent "zebra", but black of the Bahamas flag represents "thunder".

◆ 08: Color and meaning of the flag
As mentioned above, the meanings expressed by colors are different from country to country. For example, red is "blood" "brave" "force" yellow is "mineral resources" "sun" "tolerance" "freedom" green is "nature" "Islam" "rich land" blue is "ocean" Sky "" Truth "" Peace "" Sincerity ", White" Peace "" Pure "Black means" People "" Dark Past "" Islam "" Fertile Black Soil "" Patience ".

◆ 09: National flag family
About one-third of the flags of the whole world can be classified into seven groups of "Slavs" "Iranian tribe" "Arab tribe" "Scandinavia (cross)" "African tribe" "Belgrano" "Miranda" I can do it.

◆ 10: The combination of color and parts of the flag
The national flags are classified into colors and symbols that are similar to each other as follows. When creating a new flag, it might work if you design with a combination of colors and marks that are not currently in use.

◆ 11: History of the flag
When you look at the transition of the design of the flag, you can see that the national flag is changing with the history of the country. However, like Denmark, some countries continue to use the same national flag since 1536.

◆ 12: Design complexity
When the complexity of the design of the flag is classified based on the number of intersection points of the figure, 45 kinds of intersection points "8 to 12" can be drawn for children "design," general "design with intersection points 13 to 32 There are 54 kinds of intersection points, 34 kinds of intersection points, "48 possibility of design possible", 48 kinds of "possibility of designing", 16 types of "esoteric" with 191 to 856 intersection points, "impossible" of 1028 to 10 874 intersection points There are 32 kinds of level flags.

◆ 13: Characteristics of flags of different continents
When classifying the national flag for each continent, there are features, such as colors, designs, symbol marks used, etc. When you make an average national flag for each continent, it becomes as follows. In Europe, it is impressive that the Dutch flag of three horizontal lines of red, white and blue is the flag that symbolizes Europe as it is. Flags of all the world's flags The 195 types of features are combined and added to the Dutch national flag of light color, plus the asterisk used in the Ghana flag etc.

◆ 14: Year where the national flag was born
The graph below shows the year in which the countries established the national flags. You can see that there are only 4 flags in Denmark, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and the United States that have been established and used even before the 19th century.

◆ 15: The aspect ratio
Although it is a national flag with many rectangles in general, the aspect ratio is subtly different. For example, the flags of former British colonial countries are 1: 2, the former Dutch French territory flag, and the Japanese Hinomaru 2: 3 rectangle are used. There are also different flags of different ratios such as 3: 4, 5: 8, 189: 335.

◆ 16: Similar national flag
As the flag has a simple color and design, there are national flags that are very similar around the world, for example the flags of Romania and Chad are almost identical in color and design, Cuba and Puerto Rico are red And it looks exactly like reversing blue, often happens accidentally.

◆ 17: Color of the flag for each continent
The color used for the flag is divided for each continent as follows. It seems that blue is used on Oceania mainland including Australia and New Zealand and green is used frequently in Africa.

◆ 18: color
The colors used in the flags around the world are classified as follows. There are many primary colors such as red and blue, and you can see that there are only a few flags that purple is used.

◆ 19: Layout
The flag of the design with three horizontal lines is the most, followed by the layout of three vertical lines. 53% of the flags around the world apply to one of the designs "horizontal 3 lines" "vertical 3 lines" "triangle and horizontal line" "diagonal line" "vertical 2 lines" design.

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