A map showing how much solar battery is needed to cover electric power used in the world

Solar cells do not emit greenhouse gases and do not need fuel, so it is often said that they are environmentally friendly power generation methods and research is progressing in various countries.

Then, how much area is required to generate all the electric power currently used with solar light and replace it with a conventional power plant?

Details are below.
Land Art Generator Initiative

As of 2030, the total amount of energy consumed worldwide (including petroleum, natural gas, hydroelectric power, etc.) was 199,721 terawatt hours. this,The most excellent class conversion efficiency 20% solar cellIt takes about 500,000 square kilometers to calculate when considering the rain rate and sunshine time etc. There are many other numbers to be added, such as power transmission efficiency, but this is about the same size as the whole of Spain.

This is represented on a map like this. Regarding placement, energy consumption etc. of various parts of the world are taken into consideration.

A square representation of the required area of ​​the entire solar cell. Compared with the red square in 1980, the area required in 2030 is much bigger.

This area is close to Japan. Looking for the land of this size seems to be difficult, but if I divide it from a little, it seems to be managed somehow.

This large green square can cover the full power of North Africa and Europe. It is only 1/18 of the size of the Sahara desert.

In the statistics of the United Nations, it is said that tropical rainforests are lost at the rate of 170,000 square kilometers every year, but it seems that calculation will be completed in just three years if building a photovoltaic power plant at the same pace.

This represents the area required when considering wind power generation alone.

By combining various power generation methods in addition, it will be able to cover necessary electric power more efficiently.

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