How to make easy terrarium using small green trapped in glass, empty bottle and moss

Grow a houseplant etc in a glass containerTerrariumThough it is most common to use a commercially available aquarium, it is sometimes found in interior shops and restaurants that something with a high degree of design using various containers such as sphere type, crochet type, cage basket type, etc. Introduced into the room I guess there are many people who wanted to see it.

We will show you how to make a terrarium that can be easily started with empty bottles and moss, easy to grow without material cost.

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1:Prepare an empty bottle of glass that twists and closes the lid. Larger one is better for the lid. It may be easier to make a bottle of imported ingredients such as large-capacity tomato sauce and pickles. Wash the bottle clean, put it on and remove the label.

2:Hold a plastic bag, take a walk and go looking for moss. It may be good to keep an eye on mosses such as commuters and school roads from usual. With consciousness, it is said that moss grows anywhere unexpectedly. It seems that moss which grows in the crack of pavement is found just searching for 3 minutes even in the city of New York. If you find it, scoop up for a piece, put it in a plastic bag and take it home.

3:Small weeds other than moss will also give color to the terrarium. If you find a plant you want to use, gently remove it with root. The grass has a shorter lifespan after pulling out of soil than moss, so take it home and plant it in a hurry.

Four:Take out withering plants and garbage from moss. It seems there are cases where cigarette butts and so on are mixed in the soil on the back so please be careful.

Five:Put the soil on the back of the moss and the weeds' roots a little in the lid of the bottle. In the manual of the terrarium it is written to spread pebbles for drainage, but this time it is unnecessary to pay attention to draining as it only plant moss.

6:Place moss so that the middle will rise a little like a dome and other small weeds to plant out of moss. Let's sprinkle just a little.

7:Cover the bottle softly, screw it into the lid and seal it. If you can seal it properly at this time, almost no watering will be necessary. When it seems that moss and soil are dry, let's loosen the lid halfway and expose the bottle to running water from the faucet for about 1 minute.

It is strange that it seems that it seems to be a fine "foliage plant" if the roadside moss and weeds are also inside the glass bottle. Because it is almost unnecessary to care for it, it may be good for the introductory purpose of people who will immediately kill ornate plants or those who have never raised plants.

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