There are so many sea shrines in Okinawa that it makes you laugh, its appearance and facial expressions are diversified

Okinawa's "ShisaIs a legendary creature that is considered a source of lion. The fact that the lion is a feline animal ...... means that in a sense it is "Neko AtsumeAnd the tension went up. A lot of Shisa is inhabited in Okinawa.

Hello,Takuya Sudo @ circle around the world bicycle @ Charridermanis. Shisa is decorated with ordinary houses as an amulet, a unique culture of Okinawa. Not only that, he was building a position of immovable character as a popular character. The appearance and facial expressions vary widely. I was concerned that there were too many sea shawers, and I was collecting pictures with this kind of feeling. I was fluttering with Shisa.

Where is Shisa?
Well, everywhere. However, it seems that there are three patterns when roughly divided.

1: above the roof of a person's house
2: Entrance of buildings and gates. In this case there are many forms of two pairs.
3: The shop for the tourists.

If you are a residential area, please try looking on the roof. If it is a sightseeing spot it is often that there is a rare shisa.

Shisa figure which is very general and easy to understand.

Shisa protecting the private house from the roof.

◆ Seekers
Just walking around the city, it will be full of pictures of Shisa.

Shisa appearance that looks like a surveillance camera.

Before looking up at the building, there was a sitting shisa. Shisa is melting into the daily life of Okinawa.

Two houses of Shisa were enshrined in this house.

It has a powerful and scary face.

Shuri Castle washroom is not a faucet "Shisa mouth".

Located in RomeThe mouth of the truthLike 'Face Only Shisa' is rarely decorated though.

Like a nameplate "IshigantoMini-shisa was also built on top of it. Ishiganto is also a custom of amulets from which China originates, and it is inscribed certainly in the building of Okinawa.

Shisa as a popular character
Shisa, which is not an amulet but is heavily used as a popular character, showed various facial expressions.

This Seasar is a musician rhythmically hitting percussion instruments.

PARANKEIt is also ringing.

Seasa was playing Okinawa's traditional instrument "Sanshin (Sanshin)".

Mini characters of San-Line Shisa.

There are also Seasars trying to flatten the steak with a big mouth.Government by the United StatesWas there any influence that was done, in Okinawa the steak restaurant stands out.

This shisa was excited with sake with both hands. Awamori is also famous when talking about Okinawa.

An object of Shisa straddling a motorcycle decorated at a shop front of a souvenir shop.

Shisa with the appearance of a woman. There was a Shisa of male figure next to it.

Shisa that became an illustration
Shisa is used not only in three dimensions but also in two-dimensional illustration.

This shisa was drawn with adorable touch.

A superman is not a shisa man.

Illustration dressed in Okinawa traditional costume.

An angry mark in temple, "smoking on the street is prohibited seasa".

There was even a mosaic picture using tiles.

Shisa seen in private companies
We are not letting private enterprises release Shisa, which is loved by Okinawa so far.

Don Quijote 's face Saddleboard was a combination of our own mascot penguin and Okinawa Shisa.

Softbank's father is also the Okinawa version.

At the entrance of APA Hotel there was also 2 pairs of sea shirts.

The Lions apartment is not a Lion statue but a Cissar statue.

She was also adorned with MAXVALU in Okinawa. Because it was a time close to Christmas shooting, it was Santa costumes.

In the case of Setsubun, I was made a demon's cosplay.

◆ Akira
Although it is this seaser, when two pairs are arranged side by side, "Fool(あ あ ん) "has become the shape. Faced with Shisa, the right side is "Ajo" with its mouth open and the left side is "Shape (Yugin uchi)" with its mouth closed. Because it is two pairs, it is often located at the entrance of the building. If you find 1 Shisa, let's look for another one. I usually stay next to you, but I sit a bit further away. Even if it is a little far away, it is interesting because it is matching breathing with Aki in pairs of two.

Ah is the word of Buddhism, "Ah" starts with mouth and breathes in, "吽 (yea)" closes her mouth and finishes breathing and finishes, two in "All things It expresses. Besides breathing, it includes the meaning of the first "a" to the last "50" of 50 sounds, and it is deep inside. This word is derived from what we call breath-matching two people "a friend of morning" "breathing of your aunt". In addition to Shisa, "Shinto dog" of the shrine and "King statue statue of the temple" also take the shape of Aki.

Shisa of Akashi with the mouth closed on the left side and the mouth open on the right side.

Even if the left and right size is different, it is made according to the shape of Akashi.

At the entrance of the building there was a big shisa around a shrine dog guard dog, but this time I was breathing Ako.

Also on the roof of a police box, two pairs are placed.

Although it is an illustration that collaborated with Kumamon, Seisa was becoming an avid even here. Those who are opening their mouths are emitting words.

◆ Shipper facing front
As I heard Seisa, I imagined that the two figures were facing each other, so Shisa who turned to the front was fresh. But in Okinawa it was not that rare form either.

Seisa has a simple expression that seemed to be missing for a moment.

It is an integral part of my nostrils.

This was a very humorous expression.

It looks like she is going to jump up and raise her voice.

This seasar is sitting neatly.

◆ Gigantic Shisa
I was able to discover some huge seasa well beyond the person's back.

"Tenpenshi sea" is placed in Narufront Passenger Terminal Building "Tomarin".

"Saione U-Shisa" is a huge seasa with a height of 3.40 m. "Uhu" means big in Okinawa dialect. It is close to the public commercial complex "Saion Square" where the east of the international street which is the biggest downtown area in Naha, the shopping mall, hotels, public halls, libraries, etc. are united. Morning station of the monorail is the nearest station.

"Tsubuya Ufushisa" is a huge seasa with a height of 3.62 m, which can also be called Saigo Uef Seisa and Brothers. You can check its appearance at the entrance of the Tsuboya or old quarter where traditional cityscapes remain.Tsuboya stoneworkIt is a corner of the area where the pottery gathers as it is named.

She knew, but I never thought that it was such a rich character so far. In this case, it seems that many other Shisa are living in Okinawa.

(Sentence / photo: Takuya S. Narou Charriderman
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