Why 'empathy' exacerbates things and the world

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It is said that it is important to show empathy to the partner for a smooth human relationship, but as "sympathy sometimes produces the worst result", Professor of psychologyPaul BloomThe professor is preaching. What is Professor Bloom's claim that "sympathy worsens the world"The AtlanticIt is explained in animation so that it is easy to understand.

Against Empathy

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Empathy and emotion transferMake human relations workAlthough it is said that it is important for ... ...

In fact, from a moral perspective, empathy is not a good thing, it is said to make the world worse.

When a person empathizes with another person, I feel like what I am doing to what others are doing.

As a result, empathy leads to actions that care about others or help other people.

However, empathy makes the person blind, and it creates an oversight on "What kind of results will my own action produce in the long run?"

Prioritize the interests of others over self interestAltruismSome people practice the theory that there are some people motivated to "be satisfied with being a warm feeling by being kind to people" in fact.Warm-glow givingThis type of donation a small amount to various charities and does not show interest in usage.

Blind children ... ...

A farmer

For chickens etc. In many cases, money donated to charity is used for meaningful ... ...

It also ends up being a waste of just money.

On the other hand, an effective altruist can see things in an overall perspective, "What is necessary in the world, where to help, where will the situation be better? How to spend money?" .

This type of charitable activities can make the world better.

The actions to make the world better are clearer but what is the worst behavior for the world?

That is "action by compassion" or "moral judgment that is too early".

The democratic nation goes to war because "some people are afflicted." The Iraq war was endorsed by the government because it suffered from the locality, but the underlying motivation was "feeling" that I want to help people suffering.

If you could do a different viewpoint, you should have thought that "How much victim will be increased by actions that will occur from now?"

As a result of overlooking the whole picture by 'empathy' and focusing on only a part of things ......

It has led to the action "I have to attack in order to free the suffering person".

And after collapsing the country with a nominal attack that will save people, I realize that "a lot of people have died."

In order to make the world better, it becomes an effective altruist, not depending on the emotions of the place, we should think about "How can we help people?"

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