Is he "narcissist"? The movie "The psychology of narcissism" explained the features and causes of narcissist in an easy-to-understand manner

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""Vandalism" to appear on the net is a psychopathic sadist with narcissist (narcissist)"Studies that"Night type man is narcissistAlthough research has been published in recent years, what kind of thing is narcissist · narcism in the first place, what kind of harm is there and treatment possible? A very easy to understand movie has appeared about, etc.

The psychology of narcissism - W. Keith Campbell - YouTube

The origin of "narcissist" was the handsome boy who appears in Greek mythology,Narcissus. He was looking for somewhere who could love him.

echoThe girl named Narcissus fell in love with her, but Narcissus rejected Echo's feelings.

After that, Narcissus realized that a beautiful boy is on the water surface of the fountain approaching trying to drink water and fall in love. Of course, it was Narcissus himself in the fountain.

Narcissus who fell in love can not leave the spring and eventually drowns.

The flower that bloomed in the place where Narcissus died is Narcissus, which is called Narcissus in Europe and the United States.

The above myth expresses the narcissist's nature well.

However, from a psychological point of view, there are also types of narcissistic nature.

The definition of psychological narcissism is "to have a self image larger than the actual"

Even if there is a difference in degree, the narcissists are better at their appearance ... ...

I think that you are smart.

I think that I am more important than others.

Therefore, I want special treatment.

Psychologists and others grouped the narcissistic nature into two types - "seeming type" and "vulnerable type" togetherSelf-love personality disorderI call it.

Narcissists of "seeming type" have characteristics such as extroversion, dominance and attention.

I got noticed by people, I like to have power, politicians ... ...


It is often seen in the leaders of the activity group.

Of course, not all people in these positions are narcissists.

People who gained power and power as a result of wanting to verify their possibilities ... ...

Some people are looking for better living of people.

On the other hand, narcissists are the purpose itself is to gain status and power, or to be noticed.

And another type of narcissist is "vulnerable type"

They are very sensitive about being entitled.

Therefore, I am deeply hurt that I am not approved.

Also, the narcissists show a very self-centered movement. Leaders who are narcissists tend to make dangerous and ethical wrong decisions.

Narcissist's partner said that he often talked about lying or cheating.

Because the way of view towards you is optimistic, it is angeric and aggressive to what does not fit.

The person himself feels good, but the characteristics of this personality disorder are that people in the surroundings are in trouble.

There are about 2 people in 100 people who are considered self-love personality disorders, many of whom are men.

Also, most of the patients are adults.

Children are self-centered creatures, but this is a natural thing in the developmental stage, in most cases the self-centered nature disappears as it grows older.

Issued in 2013Diagnosis and statistical manual of mental disordersAccording to the nature of self-love personality disorder, it is said that "self-image enlargement" "lack of sympathy" "rights consciousness" "seeking power and attention."

As a result, parents born to treat children as tools to gain attention and power ... ...

There is a person who does not accept the opinion of the person trying to help himself, and fits them "wrong".

So what is the cause of the narcissist? On the other hand, research on narcism with twins as subjects was also conducted, but genetic causes could not be identified.

Parents who overrepresent children are considered to encourage children's narcissism if they say the environmental causes.

Also, even if parents are too cold or too strict, you will nurture a type of narcism that is easily damaged.

We also know that the proportion of narcissists will be high in the values ​​of individuals and cultures that emphasize self-promotion.

Speaking about the United States, the proportion of narcissists has increased from 1970 to the present.

It is analyzed as a result of movement and materialism on self-esteem born in the 1960s.

There is no firm evidence, but SNS is also believed to be part of the promotion of Narcism.

Is it possible to eliminate the harm of narcissism? That means that this is possible.

By training psychotherapy and compassion to others, it seems that you can see the correct figure of yourself who is not bloated.

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