Successfully photographed spy satellite that was wrapped in secret and appearance of airframe


Among the numerous artificial satelles orbiting on the earth's orbit, there are things that are used for military purposes, among which satellites that observe the state of the earth's surface using cameras with telephoto lenses or radio waves are reconnaissance It is called satellite (spy satellite). As far as spy satellites are concerned, little images or images capturing the detailed image of the satellite body are left, but Ralf Vandebergh is an American spy satellite "KH-12I succeeded in shooting high-resolution of.

KH-12 Kennan Keyhole Secret Military Spy Satellite Photos

KH-12 is one of the American reconnaissance satellite "Keyhole (KH)" series, which is a development and manufacturing company of aircraft and spacecraftLockheed MartinIt is a spy satellite developed by. KH-12 is not one machine, but it is said that there are multiple machines such as KH-12-1, KH-12-2, KH-12-3, but details are unknown. However, KH - 12 - 6 and KH - 12 - 7 are referred to as "EIS (Enhanced Imagery System)" from the data learned by Edward Snowden in 2013Formal nameIt is known that it is operated in.

At least three KH - 12 were launched from February 1990 to December 1996, and from the ability of the Titan IV rocket used for launch, it is estimated that the KH - 12 is a huge artificial satellite with weight of 10,600 kg It is being done. The size and shape of the aircraft is the space telescope's "Hubble Space TelescopeAlthough it is said to be about the same, the performance of the installed camera and the ground resolution are not disclosed at all, and various information is in flight.

Voyeur photographer Vandebergh succeeded in photographing this secret spy satellite KH - 12. According to Vandebergh, in 2010 successful photography of the KH - 12 - 13 on the satellite orbit, when processing the photograph at that time using the latest technology, it seems that it has become possible to check the details to a considerable degree.

The picture to the left of the image is KH - 12 - 13 taken by Vandebergh. Using a 10-inch (25 cm) caliber astronomical telescope, KH-12-13 was taken around orbit about 336 km off the ground. The picture on the right side is a model image of KH - 12 created by a party concerned, but you can see that it looks just like putting the two together. The big difference between the two images is that the object extending from the left aircraft is not on the right aircraft. Vandebergh expects this protruding object to be a solar panel.

Also, from the following images shot on a different day, you can see that there is one that is like a solar panel, one on each side of the fuselage.

Even though only KH-12's images feel the progress of shooting technology, Vandebergh said in March 2009,Succeeded in photographing the appearance of Joseph Acaba astronaut performing extravehicular activities at the International Space StationDid. The small white object on the right side of the following image is Acaba astronaut.

The following image shows the space shuttle "launched in August 1984"DiscoveryWhat was filmed. The discovery picture that succeeded in shooting in 2010 has become one favorite in Vandebergh's collection.

Vandebergh is contributing articlesSpace Safety MagazinIn e, you can see valuable photos of artificial satellites besides the above photos.

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