Preparing a shuttle to extend the life of the Hubble Space Telescope

A project to deliver new batteries and gyroscopes etc. is planned next month for the Hubble Space Telescope, which orbits on orbit and photographs many beautiful celestial photographs. Preparations to be used in the project have already been started, so that the situation can be seen in the pictures.

Details are as below. One of the main engines to be transported.

Engine mounted on shuttle.

External fuel tank for shuttle.

Space shuttle · Atlantis scheduled to be launched.

Training in the water assuming outer space.

Check the equipment to be carried with black light.

Astronaut K. Megan McArthur participating in the project.

Mike Massimino, an astronaut who practices working in the universe.

The Space Shuttle planned to retire the whole aircraft by 2010, and the launch next month will be one of the last ten flights. Also, it seems that this will be the last time to supply the Hubble Space Telescope.

Other preparation photographs are from the following.
Preparing to rescue Hubble - The Big Picture -

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