Tech companies and Republican serious officials held secret meetings, what is their content?


Running top in the Republican nomination dispute of the presidential election in the United States is the real estate king of the United StatesDonald TrumpMr. Despite receiving strong support from voters, the extreme remarks are topics such as calling Mexican illegal immigrants as "drug traffickers", "rapists," etc.,Overseas diplomats showed vigilance, President of MexicoCriticism comparable to Hitler of Nazis · GermanyI am receiving. A secret plan to stop Mr. Trump was done between the CEO of the technology company and the top of the Republican partyHuffPost PoliticsIt reports.

At Secretive Meeting, Tech CEOs And Top Republicans Commiserate, Plot To Stop Trump

In the first weekend of March 2016, CEOs of technology companies and several Republican top members gathered at resort areas off the coast of Georgia. this is,American Enterprise InstituteIt was to attend the annual forum held by the AEI (AEI), but according to a source, it seems that a conference held by the CEO of the Tech company and members of the Republicans was held secretly during this period. The topic of this meeting is said to be "How can I stop Donald Trump, who is the most promising Republican candidate?"

The conference gathered at Apple's Tim Cook CEO and Google's Mr. Larry Page, Mr. Sean Parker, the founder of Napster, who is also famous for investing in Facebook, Tesla and Eleon Mask CEO of SpaceX And so on. Serve as a Federal Senator on the Republican sideMitch · McconnellMr. and served as presidential aide adviser and senior adviser on presidential policy and strategyKarl RoveMr.Paul RyanMr. Tom Cotton, Mr. Tom Cotton, Mr. Collie Gardner, Tim Scott, Rob Portman and Ben Zasse, and all the Republicans gathered here gathered in a recent interview "Donald Trump I can not support it, "he said.

In addition, Mr. Fred Upton who is the chairman of the American Energy Commerce Committee, Kevin McCarthy who is in-house general affairs of the Republican House of Representatives, Mr. Tom Price of the House Budget Committee, Mr. Jeb Hennishering of the House Finance Committee , Congressman Kevin Brady, Kathy McMorris Rogers, Diane Black and others seem to have been named as participants. In addition, we know that Philippe Anschatz, a billionaire who funds Republicans, and Arthur Salzburger Jr., the representative of the American newspaper major New York Times, were present at the conference.

William Kristol, editor-in-chief of Weekly Standard magazine who attended the conference and also served as vice president's chief adviser, said, "AEI's forum has plenty of interesting materials, of course it's off record about the content , Please try to guess the content of that off-record from my tweet ", a reporter at HuffPost Politics said in an e-mail" The ghost appears in the AEI's annual forum, worrying about Donald Trump It is revealed that the ghosts holding him sent "and the subject of the secret meeting was about measures to stop Mr. Trump.

According to information from other sources, the highlight of the confidential meeting seems to be a presentation about Mr. Rove's trump camp, "The Trump regime is unstable and should not leave control of nuclear weapons to his fingers There is a pattern that it was content to say "There is no." Mr. Trump has already gathered one-third of the support needed to obtain Republican nomination, and we are ahead of the primary elections in Florida and Ohio. If Mr. Trump wins in both of these primary elections, we will have half of the support we need to get Republican nomination.

Also, the subject of the top secret meeting was about plans to stop Mr. Trump, but that was not the only topic, and Mr. Cotton and Apple's CEO Cook said thatDecryption problemIt seems that he was also intensely discussing about. In the meeting, Mr. Cotton seems to have said quite a story to CEO Cook, sources said, "Many people who participated in the meeting were uncomfortable about Mr. Cotton's hostile attitude" It is. In addition, sources also reveal that Apple's Cook CEO did not participate in the political part of the secret conference.

The AEI spokesperson Judy Stecker says "Since the event is private and off the record, I will never comment on the details of the event or attendees."

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