A roller coaster appears that wears VR headset and enjoy it

VR headsets that can enjoy virtual reality as if they are in front of you are being put to practical use one after another, and application to games has begun, but by using VR in amusement park attractions By further improving fun, a roller coaster using a VR headset was born.

Overview | Six Flags

This is because Six Flags deploying 18 amusement parks in North America, VR headset "Gear VRWhat we do in partnership with Samsung which develops. I can grasp how it looks like when I see the movie.

New Revolution at Six Flags - YouTube

A typical roller coaster at Amusement Park, a roller coaster.

That experience will change dramatically.

The roller coaster newly launched by Six Frags mounts the VR headset and rides in this way.

In VR, it seems as if the image is running as if he / she got on a fighter plane ......

In accordance with the movement of the roller coaster, you can sense the feeling that you are flying a fighter aircraft.

The picture on the left is the picture of VR, the picture on the right is the view from the roller coaster. If it is VR, you can go through the sight that can not be seen in real space.

Six Flags is planning to make a total of nine VR roller coasters. The name of the coaster and the amusement park are as follows.

Shock Wave: Six · Flags · Over Texas (Arlington, Texas)
Dare Devil Dive: Six Flags Over Georgia (Atlanta, Georgia)
The New Revolution:Six · Flags · Magic · Mountain(Los Angeles, California)
Ninja: Six · Flags · St. Louis (Eureka, Missouri)
Steamin 'Demon: Great Escape (Lake George, New York)
Goliath: La Ronde (Montreal, Quebec, Canada)
SUPERMAN Krypton Coaster: Six · Flags · Fiesta · Texas (San Antonio, Texas)
SUPERMAN The Ride: Six · Flags · New England (Agawam, Massachusetts)
SUPERMAN Ride of Steel: Six · Flags · America (Upper Marlboro, Maryland)

The lower three are coasters with superman motif as the name of "SUPERMAN".

Please note that "Shock Wave" will start on March 10, 2016, "Dare Devil Dive" from March 12 and "The New Revolution" from March 26, with experience season for owners of the season pass It is done.

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