Google publishes a map that shows how Zika fever got noticed in the whole world

Expanded the infection range in a few minutes since the infection was reported in South America in October 2015, and it is now prevalent all over the worldDica virus infection(Jika fever), but because there are relatively light symptoms, many people remain unaware of the infection. Google has released a map that visualizes how many such jika fever searches are increasing and it is now becoming clear how much jika fever has gained attention worldwide in just a few months .

The world searches for the Zika Virus

The animation of the map is automatically played on the website, but you can freely see the degree of interest in jika fever from Google search from October 6, 2015 to February 23, 2016 from the bar at the bottom left of the screen I will. For example, as of October 14, 2015, a blue mark appears only in a part of South America ... ...

After about a week the range extends to Colombia and Venezuela.

The range has expanded to southern Brazil on November 22, which is a little over a month, and the number of searches has exploded in Mexico.

Jika fever will start to draw attention in North America and India on December 12th.

About one month after that, the number of searches in North America, Europe and Australia increased due to spread of infection.

When WHO declared "jealous fever" public health emergency situation of international concern "on February 1, the number of searches skyrocketing. You can see that interest in jika fever is increasing in the whole world.

You can also check the above situation with the following animation.

Because there are few symptoms in 4 out of 5 infected people, It is said that it is difficult to detect infected people with jika fever. In order to eradicate jikka fever, in addition to supporting organizations developing vaccines and diagnostic methods, it is necessary for "people to be aware of ways to protect themselves", so that Google is risking jika fever He said that he signed a cooperative relationship with UNICEF to create a platform to identify sexual places. This map was made as a part of it, and since October 2015 the interest in Jika fever seems to be about 3000 times.

Official Google Blog: Providing Support to combat Zika in Brazil and beyond

Also, GoogleEnhanced keyword search for more than 900 information on health status, And when you search "jika fever" it is customized so that the summary of the virus and symptoms etc. are displayed directly in the search result. Information is constantly updated, and everyone keeps access to the latest information.

Furthermore, by collaborating with creators of YouTube and Sesame Street, it seems that they are doing efforts to raise people's awareness about Jika fever.

Plaza Sésamo: Elmo y Raya aprenden a evitar las picaduras - YouTube

Regarding the threat of jika fever, WHO has a sense of crisis,Because there are few visible symptoms, it does not notice the infection and greatly influences the birth of a future childIt is considered. In addition, rarely serious neurological disease "Guillain-Barre syndromeEven if it can be a trigger forIt is said, 5% of infected people infected with ja ka fever is worried about as a whole trend.

in addition,America Disease Control Center(CDC) announced that 14 new cases of severe infection have been reported by sexual contact in the United States, "as infection by sexual contact is less rare than originally thought" I'm warning you. Sixty-two days after a 68-year-old man infected with jikka fever got sick, after a satisfactory recovery it was tested and it was found that the sika feverAn example that a virus was detectedThere seems to be difficulty in preventing infection spreading.

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