Scientifically thinking about the possibilities of "parallel world"


"Parallel World" is a concept that the universe where we live and the world and the universe which are different also in another dimension from the world exist, and it is sometimes drawn in the world such as movies and animation. The parallel world is not only used as a setting for science fiction movies but also the theoretical possibilities are taught in the real world of physics, and the movies summarized so that the interesting hypothesis among them is easy to understand is "The True Science of Parallel Universes"is.

The True Science of Parallel Universes - YouTube

The parallel world portrayed in science fiction movies is very interesting, there should be something that everyone thought "should I exist", and sometimes it can be caught as "an ideal world".

In the parallel world, imagination is swollen just by thinking that Star Wars does not exist, and the world of magic like Harry Potter is spreading.

What will happen if we look at the parallel world which can only be drawn in the world of imagination from the viewpoint of science?

If there is absolute existence with only one universe, it is wrong to think that there are two universes.

However, if you think of the plural universe as one, the story changes.

"Space" told in physics is "observable space".

For example, let us say that the "universe" where we exist is a circle enclosed by a dotted line.

If there is a universe (a green dotted line) in which another creature exists in a form overlapping with our universe, we can not observe it because the light does not reach the part which does not overlap.

This way of thinking assumes the existence of the parallel world and multiple universesMulti-dimensional cosmologyIt is boring to talk about.

Multi-dimensional cosmology is a hypothesis assuming a set of several universes. In the movie, three hypotheses that are often told in the theory of multi-dimensional cosmology are introduced.

The first one is "bubble Universe".

In brief, bubble Universe says that although there are multiple universes, each one is too far away or is present in a black hole, so that we can not see each other.

This hypothesis is a hypothesis set up to answer "Why is the universe in which we exist balanced and life exist?"

Assuming that there are multiple universes with different physics acting, it was thought that one universe in it might have a physical theory that would enable human life.

There is no human in the universe where there is no Earth equipped with the environment where humans can live.

There is no need to worry if my head gets pokan when I hear this hypothesis. Because ... ....

Bubble Universe is not proven in 2016.

The second hypothesis is "Membranes (literal translation: membrane)".

The universe where we live is a three dimensional world.

It is the hypothesis that Membranes is that there is a nine dimensional world surrounding this three dimensional world.

If our three-dimensional world exists in the nine dimensions, it is thought that there are two or more three-dimensional worlds other than our world. It is thought that this three-dimensional world exists like a membrane, and it was named "Membranes (membrane)".

Naturally, Membranes has not been proven as of 2016.

The 3rd one"Many Worlds(Multi-world interpretation) ". This is one of the interpretations in the observation problem of quantum mechanics.

In brief, multi-world interpretation is that the world diverges from one event and there are many parallel worlds, and it is also frequently used for science fiction movies and animation.

The world in which we exist now is one of the many worlds born in various branches and it is not recognizable of other worlds.

Multi-world interpretation is sometimes talked with bubble Universe (the bubble universe), "The world in which we exist is one of all branches and may be one of the universe in the bubble universe."

There is no problem even if we can not understand this hypothesis. Multi - world interpretation has not been proved just like any other hypothesis.

It is free to imagine, so it seems good to imagine combining hypotheses of multiple theory of cosmology and play with it.

However, it is not that you can not experiment with the above hypothesis just because it is not proven.Successful observation of gravity waveIt was 100 years since Einstein recited the existence. Physics is not philosophy but science, and it follows the process of hypothesis, experiment, validation, and proof. It can not be said that there is no possibility that a hypothesis that no one believes in 2016 could be proved in 100 years.

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