Caterpillar develops the world's first robust smartphone "CAT S60" with infrared thermo camera

Caterpillar mobile sector of construction machine manufacturerCat Phone, But smartphones equipped with an infrared camera "CAT S60We announced. It has an infrared camera and it has both waterproof and dustproof function for robustness, it is a smartphone that can be used extensively at the construction site, but personal use is also good enough to say with ants.

Cat® S60 Announced As World's First Smartphone With Integrated Thermal Camera

Cat's next rugged phone will be the first with a built-in thermal camera | The Verge

This is the world's first smartphone with infrared camera "S60"

An infrared camera is on the rear main camera. Famous for thermal camerasFLIR(Flare)"Provides infrared cameras.

With FLIR's infrared camera, it is possible to measure temperature with a single shot without touching objects simply by holding it over.

I tried using infrared thermography "FLIR i 3" which can measure temperature and store images with just holding anything Review - GIGAZINE

S60 with infrared camera has dustproof and waterproof function and it can be submerged for 1 hour at 5 meters depth. furtherMILIt is also compliant with the -810 G standard and combines the robustness that it can withstand even if dropped from 1.8 m in height onto concrete.

Display also "Gorilla glass 4There is no drop in shock wear countermeasures, such as protecting with ". Even if you use gloves, even though your hands are wet, you can operate it, and ingenuity has been applied that can be used at construction sites. It is a place to worry about how to use such as "SOS" button on the side.

The 4.7-inch (1280 × 720) liquid crystal display is carried, the SoC is Snapdragon 617 (8 cores), the memory is 3 GB, the storage is 32 GB, the battery capacity is 3800 mAh, the OS adopts Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

The front camera has 5 million pixels, the rear has 13 million pixel main camera and FLIR infrared thermography camera.

S60 will be released in the second half of 2016 at 599 dollars (about 67,000 yen) / 649 euros (about 73,000 yen). Local time begins on February 22, 2016 in Barcelona, ​​SpainMobile World Congress(MWC 2016) will be announced.

S60 can measure the temperature of things that can not be confirmed with the naked eye from a distance of 50 feet to 100 feet (about 15 meters to about 30 meters), and can be used in places where dust such as building construction can stand. Even outside business applications, it seems to be said to be a smartphone that can be used in a wide range of general applications such as confectionary checking of high airtightness and high insulation housing and outdoor sports during cooking.

◆ 2016/2/22 postscript
The VergeThe movie of "CAT S60" filmed at the venue of MWC 2016 was released, and the power of the infrared thermal camera is revealed.

The first smartphone with a built-in thermal camera - YouTube

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