Windows banned & President Putin plans to increase taxes to Google and Apple

ByAndrew Kuznetsov

Blog regulationIt is clear that Russia, which has its own regulations on the Internet as well, is considering "banning Windows" and "raising taxes on overseas companies such as Google and Apple".

Putin's New Internet Czar Wants Apple and Google to Pay More Taxes - Bloomberg Business

Russian President Vladimir Putin appointed Mr. German Klimenko as an Internet related advisor six weeks ago. About 90 minutes interview was done to Mr. Klimenko, and among them "seeking more tax payment to foreign companies such as Google and Apple" and " Banning the use of Windows "and so on are planned.

Klimenko said that Russia is trying to strengthen regulations for American IT companies, "We are nurturing domestic IT companies, but American IT companies are disturbing that" doing. Klimenko is aiming to be a competitor by raising the tax burden of American companiesYandexYaMail.ruIt seems that it will become possible to advance business more dominantly in Russia.

Mr. Klimenko, who became a new advisor to President Putin, has already gained several friends in parliament. It is said that Andrey Lugovoy is one of his ally, he is a senior official of former KGB, who was repeatedly criticized by President PutinAlexandre LitvinenkoIt is said that one of those who assassinated him. Mr. Lugovoi is a person who became a Diet member after Mr. Litvinenko had died of poisoning but he gave it to foreign companies such as Google and Apple whose income in Russia exceeds 300 billion rubles (430 billion yen) We claim that 18% VAT should be applied. In addition, Mr. Lugovoi's proposal on the value added tax bill is also one of the deficit supplementary proposals discussed by parliament members seeking new financial resources to bridge the fiscal deficit in the past six years.

In the past, President Vladimir Putin "Internet"CIA project"As you said, Russia's suspicion of American technology is deep-rooted. For example, Mr. Klimenko points out that Google responds to all 32,000 requests from American law enforcement agencies, while not responding to any Russian request at all. In addition, Klimenko said, "We must regard this as a kind of potential threat to national security."

ByGlobal Panorama

Speaking of President Vladimir Putin, he is famous for having strict press restrictions on newspaper companies and television stations in Russia, but when he reappoints as president in 2012 he has a policy of strengthening new Internet related regulations. President Putin has censored articles of prominent bloggers by approving the "authority for the authorities to shut down the site hosting content that is regarded as" extremists ", and introducing the blogger registration system. In addition, Internet-related companies are urged to store personal data of users on domestic servers.

You can read about the blog regulation in Russia by reading the following article.

Blog regulation expansion in Russia, blog registered to government · real name of blogger public announcement etc - GIGAZINE

According to Klimenko, the policy has already reached the "stage that can not be traced back", and the OS used on the computer used in the Russian state is shifted from Microsoft's Windows to an open source Linux-based system I commented that it would be inevitable to switch over, and I have revealed that 22,000 local governments are already preparing to switch OS.

Klimenko said, "If Google is withdrawing from Russia it will not be fatal, because Yandex and have the same power as Google and other technology companies."

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