Errors occurred in GPS satellites, causing multiple systems to cause system errors of 12 hours

ByCristóbal Alvarado Minic

"Current position measurement system used for position measurement and car navigation system on smartphone"GPS"Is a dedicated satellite floating in space"GPS satelliteIt is made up of. An error occurred in that GPS satellite, and it became clear that several companies suffered heavy damage from the influence.

GPS error caused '12 hours of problems' for companies - BBC News

Monitor the GPS time signalChronos, But revealed that the hourly report was delayed by 13 microseconds. Although it may be felt slightly different, some Chronos customers seem to have encountered a "12 hour" system error due to time error.

According to the US Air Force which manages the GPS satellite network, the cause of the problem was the GPS satellite called "SVN 23", which reveals that it was an individual that was already disposed of. According to a US Air Force spokesperson, it is estimated that the cause of the error in the GPS time signal is related to the GPS ground system software.

According to Chronos' CEO Charles Cary, a telecommunications company that was a client of the company said Chronos had provided GPS time to accurately measure the amount of data exchanged in its network. Furthermore, when the GPS was delayed 13 microseconds, errors occurred in systems of many companies that utilized GPS time like a communication company, and it seems that the system error has reached the maximum of 12 hours. Cary said, "With one of our networks we can confirm warnings on the worldwide system."

A group that says to develop a more reliable time measurement system than GPSResilient Navigation and Timing Foundation"Released a report that summarizes the impact of GPS error. Dana Goward, director of the organization, commented, "The problem spread to all over the world, but fortunately the impact was minimal for many areas."


According to the US Air Force, when disposing of "SVN 23", problems were already detected around the GPS ground system. Furthermore, in a statement released later, the US Air Force explained that "an error occurred due to one signal from the satellite, but it did not affect the GPS navigation message or the clock, which is the core of the GPS" It is. Also, the problem that has occurred has already been solved, "Although there are still software related problems in the ground system,2d Space Operations Squadron"There is no recurrence of the same problem", the US Air Force explains.

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