"Lychee light club" that gives a mysterious atmosphere Jibo & Zera

Manga of Furuya Inamaru based on theater of Tokyo Grannyol "Lychee Optics Club"Jibo which is the most popular character and leader Zela of the light club were three-dimensionalized at the Wonder Festival 2016 [winter].

5-15-12 "WindflowerIt was the bust of the gybo.

This expression while licking blood. I feel that the characteristic of jibo which is especially distressing character is well shown even in the work.

Also, 3-18-02 "Di Mauret BeneThe space of "Lychee light club" is.

Here, Zera and Jibo are three-dimensionalized.

Zera is also a cover posed as a cover paper. Jibo seems to hear the voice saying "ha ha".



Is it planned to make all the optical clubs three-dimensional? We look forward to the future.

In addition, as the movie "Lychee Light Club" will be released on Saturday, February 13, 2016, please also look at those who are interested.

Movie 'Lychee Light Club' Official Website Kizo / Furuya Inamaru Original Work Comic a long-awaited movie!

The trailer looks like this.

Movie 'Lychee Light Club' Trailer - YouTube

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