From the "Maid in Abys" featured with a unique touch pattern like a picture book Nanachi is fluffy as it is three-dimensional

TV anime broadcasting from JulyTsukushi AkitoA fantasy comic by Mr.Made in Abyss"is. A unique and pretty picture like a picture book and a dark and hard story development that makes it impossible to imagine it has become a work of charm, but the fluffy that appears in it has three-dimensionalized Mamachi .

6-20-07 "KAME HOUSE" "Pippyon Nanachi" exhibited at the booth. Production isPointMr.

It has become a solid atmosphere of fluffy atmosphere that faithfully reproduced the original, and it seems that she will talk "noon ~" any time.

Looking from the front like this.

It seems that the stomach part has been given a fukki processing (electrostatic flocking), and fluffy of Nanachi is also reproduced faithfully.

"Ponpyan Nanachi" which was displayed on a loose ~ pedestal was unpainted unassembled resin kit and it was 8000 yen.

Besides this, 5-03-06 "Dinner chips"Hiakka chan" which is the original character of Akito Tsukushi who is the author of Made in Abyss was also exhibited.

It also makes 3D characters of the character with a gentle ambience of Akito Tsukushi's plump.

A big book on the head

I have a huge feather pen in my hand.

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