"World Terminal Clock" indicating the remaining time until the destruction of humanity, "3 minutes remaining" remains unchanged until the destruction

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Assuming the moment of morning at the time of the ruin of the world, the "World Clock"The remaining time has been reviewed from time to time reflecting the world situation every year. In the review of the time done in 2016, it is announced that it is close to the last 3 minutes until the middle of the night, unchanged from last year.

2016 doomsday clock statement - final [5] .pdf
(PDF file)http://thebulletin.org/sites/default/files/2016%20doomsday%20clock%20statement%20-%20final%5B5%5D.pdf

World's 'doomsday' clock will stay at three minutes to midnight | The Verge

The rest of the world's end clock is announced in the United StatesBulletin of the Atomic ScientistsAn American scientific journal. In the announcement of January 2015, the remaining time until the end was close to three minutes, but in 2016 no time correction was done. The remaining time is three minutes since the Cold War era of the 1980s. The past time correction of the world end clock can be seen in the following timeline.

A timeline of conflict, culture, and change | Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

A scientist belonging to the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists said about the review of the time of the end clock in 2016, "The relationship between the United States and Russia is as tense as the Cold War era, and concerning the future arms control treaty between the two countries We estimate that the possibility of consultation is extremely low and in 2016 we did not rewind the time of the end clock. " Also, President Obama gave Iran a nuclear agreement to stop Iran's possession of nuclear weaponsRealizationOn the other hand, North Korea made a successful hydrogen bomb experimentAnnouncementIt explains that the end of the world is approaching because other countries are also proceeding with nuclear weapons manufacturing.

The review of the world end clock is a safety board including Bulletin of the Atomic Scientist and 16 Nobel laureates, evaluating the threat of leading human race to ruin once a year from 1947 We are announcing the remaining time until "doomsday". Initially we regarded the development of nuclear weapons during the Cold War as a danger leading to the destruction of the human race, but since 1989, factors that could pose a threat to the existence of human beings such as global warming, biotechnology, cyber security, etc. are also taken into consideration. For example, the fact that it was "the warmest year so far" in 2015 is one of the reasons why I did not rewind the time of the end clock in 2016.

It is confirmed that it was "the warmest year" in 2015, greatly updated the record of 2014 - GIGAZINE

Bulletin of the Atomic Scientist says "to delay the development speed of nuclear weapons seriously" as to the best way to return the minute hand and "nuclear weapons states such as the United States, Russia, China, North Korea agree to reduce armaments of nuclear weapons" I commented.

The appearance of the interview opened by Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists about the world end clock can be seen in the following movie.

Doomsday Clock Announcement 2016 on Vimeo

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