Sega's legendary machine · Robo Piccia became a life-size "super huge robot pitcher" and entered the battle meeting 2016

The legendary toy of Sega who blew out the world as a domestic pitching machine for children is "Robo Piccia"is.Sexy Commander Gaidai is amazing! MasaruFamous comment born in "BoskateRobo Piccia became famous because it is one birthday, but I can understand what kind of toys this was, by seeing the following movie in one shot.

CM SEGA Robot Pitcher "Yukawa Managing Director's Dad is Changed!" - YouTube

Evolve such Robo Pitcher into life-sized super huge Robo Pitcher, booth where you can compete against thisConfrontation with super huge Robo Pitcher!"ButBattle Meeting 2016Has appeared in.

Sega | Battle Conference 2016

At the Sega booth exhibiting at Battle Conference 2016, we are planning to be able to get SEGAHARD by lottery if we release home runs from super huge Robo Pitcher.

The Sega booth is in Hall 3 of Makuhari Messe, it is shining blue, so it should be found at a glance.

On the back side of this main stage there is an area where you can compete with the super huge Robo Pitcher.

Confrontation with super huge Robo Pitcher is decided to be ten balls per person, and elementary school students and more can play. When playing, it is obligatory to wear a helmet, and it is urethane ball that the machine releases.

Since we are distributing tickets at the booth, it is ok if we go to the booth at the designated time after receiving this.

Still waiting queue was completed next to the booth.

This is a super huge Robo Pitcher. Since it has about the same height as an adult male, you can see that it got quite huge from ordinary Robo Pitcher.

It felt like this when confronting the super huge Robo Pitcher.

If you hit a home run from a super huge robot pitcher, you can get Sega's acrylic key holder. Also, a campaign is underway to present retro hard (30th day is Dreamcast, 31th is Sega Saturn) to 1 person a day from among those who hit a home run.

If you hit this signboard you will be home run.

A batter who has been deprived of the swing from the super huge Robo Pitcher ... ....

Robo Pitcher had also throwing out the ball, but it is unknown whether super huge Robo Pitcher can throw a ball. People who are confident of batting may find it fun to join.

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