Idolmaster's "Amazing Inspirational Chunka" Weiss Schwarz PR Cards etc can be bought for free in TAF 2009

The Tokyo international animation fair 2009, where the booths are too much and what you do not understand at any moment, the venue map is still essential. So why this map mapWeiss SchwarzAs a PR card the idol master "Innocent Chinese chunkyThe cards are sticking. Furthermore, when playing in the bushyroad booth's huge mazeA girl who places the universe"I can get a PR card for free, too. After, I got a business card in Bushiroad booth, the business card also has become a card-style Weiss Schwarz, quite unique.

Also, when I looked closely at this venue map, there was a guide on the quiz rally that gifts for the first 3000 people gifts. Exchange of the souvenir is public public day public, but for some reason some people who are struggling to gather stamps of this quiz rally away from their booths from each booth were scattered, "What the hell are they doing However, someone is coming back to the booth "falling into the state.

So for details such as photographs that clearly show the above contents, details are from the following.
Cover of the venue map. Without this you will get lost, definitely.

Somehow the cards are sticking together in the venue map

The card itself looks like this

This is the whole venue map

The whole picture of the quiz rally

Quiz rally, gifts for the first 3000 people. The souvenir ends as soon as it is gone.

The way to do is to go around the booth with "Q" at the venue map and collect keywords. A total of 7 letters. Get a memento when collecting all.

There is a quiz rally commemorative goods exchange corner next to the family entrance. By the way, it is said that for families attending young children less than elementary school students, priority entrance for families will be established considering waiting for a long time.

Although the quiz rally should be March 20th and 21st, somehow people who are already full of motivational mode are open.

By the way this is part of "Bushiroad TGS Magazine" that I got at the Bushiroad booth

I got a flier like this. How do you earn with contents in the current demanding anime situation? When thinking about such "cards" such as cards, they are not copied unlike digital data, so it seems that such a point is benefiting from a business point of view.

So this is a business card. The front side looks like a normal business card.

The back side looks like this, it's like a man card. You can understand it by touching, but the material itself is also the card itself. In addition to having a strong impact, it is also a good idea because it also serves as the advertisement of its products.

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