'Free the Nipple' exposing the nipple in front of the public by saying "Only females hide their nipples"

The reaction to men's and women's topless is now quite different, as shown in "That a woman's nipple is considered to be porny though it is not a problem even if a male's nipple is exposed with SNS" . "Although it is funny to hide a nipple only by a woman, though a man is not hidden," there is an organization that becomes topless in the United States and has a picnic in the park and playing snow, the news media The New York Times I am covering the activities.

The Fight to Free the Nipple - The New York Times

Activities of people who have the slogan "Free the Nipple" are from the following movies.

Free the Nipple? | The New York Times - YouTube

Women who enjoy picnics at the park in New York / Brooklyn. But, if you look closely ... ...

Everyone is topless.

Women who read and relax without having to worry about topless at all.

A man stared at a distance from a little while.

Women who gathered in the park have the slogan "Free the Nipple".

A woman who speaks with a smile saying "I do not know why not hiding a part of the body makes me feel huge.

According to the results of the Google trends survey, the word "free the nipple" gained much attention in 2015 compared to "gender equality" and "equal pay (same wage)" Thing. The blue graph shows gender equality, the yellow graph shows the search number of equal pay ... ....

The number of free the nipple 's searches far surpasses the two graphs.

this isThe Outdoor Co-ed Topless Pulp Fiction Appreciation SocietyBecause that group got a lot of attention. The Outdoor Co-ed Topless Pulp Fiction The Appreciation Society is an organization that loves sunbathing and reading, performing topless snow fun and picnics.

There are also men in the group.

"There are many New Yorkers who do not know that it is legal for women to become topless in public places."

It was in 1992 that women's topless became legal. In 1986, nine women, including activist Ramona Santorelli, were playing picnics naked with the meaning of protests, they were arrested by the police and a trial then took place.

And six years later, in 1992, the ruling was given that "It is legal for women to become naked in public places," and the law was revised.

After that, there is no legal problem in women becoming topless in New York.

Actually, in the history of the United States, there were times when men's topless was illegal.

It was 1937 that men's topless was lifted. It was nearly 60 years ago when women's topless became legal.

But even though the rights are equally accepted, people's reactions to women's and men's topless are quite different. Women are topless and picnic ... ...

Men passing by are staring.

Moreover, the police was called by someone.

Women who speak while mocking cookies "Not in an emergency".

In addition, topless women are the center of New YorkTimes SquareIt also appears.

There used to be a topless to Times Square from Times Square earlier, but there seems to be a sharp increase in 2015 though there were women who took the tip.

Shot with tourists.

"The nipples are out!" And the surprising girls.

"Yes, Free the Nipple!" The woman smiled.

"I am here to show the rights as a woman."

It is painted in the body, so it seems like you are wearing swimsuit at first glance, but the only thing you are wearing is sparkling pants.

In response to this situation New York Mayor commented, "I do not like the current state of Times Square." Although it was a posture to put some regulation, regulation does not exist at present.

"It has been forgiven for twenty years for a half-naked cowboy to be at Times Square, and it is doubtful that women do not recognize the same right ..."

It was a joker.

Also, although it is not illegal for a woman to expose a nipple, contents such as SNS where the female nipple is reflected are being controlled.

"Everything is allowed to expose your chest, but as nipples come out it becomes a problem."

Depending on the photograph, there are also things that change female nipples into male nipples in Photoshop.

I see a nipple ... ...

Actually a seal. Sometimes ridiculous countermeasures such as genuine nipple comes out when peeled off.

Depending on the SNS, "When posting pictures of topless women, paste this picture on a nipple," photos of men's nipples are prepared.

The women who came from the Islamic area talk about drinking tea with the nude women and saying "In Arabs it is said to be a" mistake ".

Although it is a nipple that is often regarded as a "sexual thing", there is also an opinion that it is not originally quite sexual. Women's breasts naturally nurture children, but the activists' opinion is that current viewpoints are lost.

"I saw a woman breast-feeding a child and my colleague said" It's the worst. "

"The worst is the view of those things"

"Who made breasts sexually, not originally sexual, but for children, someone made it" sexual ""

Some people who witnessed Times Square women commented that "a future where a woman's nipple and a male nipple may be seen in the same way may come", but "everyone There are also people talking about the day when pants are going to go faint. "

The movement of Free the NippleFilms released in 2014What happened as a trigger. The trailer of the movie "Free the Nipple" can be seen from the following.

Free the Nipple Official Trailer (2014) HD - YouTube

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