"2015 - In a minute" looking back 2015 with animation of just 1 minute

A short animation that enables you to look back on incidents and events occurring around the world in 2015 in just one minute2015 - In a min"Is published, and 10 major news of one year are gathered up.

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By looking back on what happened in the world in 2015, the globe "2015" appeared.

As you zoom in on the globe ......

The Vulcan Salute, a Balkan greeting in the American SF drama "Star Trek", appeared. It played the role of Balkans Mr. SpockLeonard NimoyAnimation tells the death of Mr. death at the age of 83 in February 2015.

I grasped the palm over my head ... ...

Change to a planetary probe.

A spacecraft "New Horizons" to photograph PlutosuccessThat was in July 2015.

Pluto becomes smaller ... ...

A red concentric circle appears.

Magnitude 7.8Great earthquake in NepalOccurred in May 2015. When two earthquakes occurred and the number of victims reached more than 8,600It was reported.

The following appeared in the syringe.

A map of Africa is where the medicine dropped from the syringe needle.

Began to ravage mainly West Africa since 2014Ebola fever heatThe WHO ended in Guinea in 2015DeclarationDid. However, after the declaration of termination new infected people in Sierra LeoneFound, The condition that needs vigilance still continues.

November 2015Parisian gunfire incidentFollowing the outbreak, people all over the world gave prayers "Pray for Paris".

Next comes CD.

Adele, a singer-songwriter from the UK, is the album "twenty fiveReleased.

A person who wore a black cloth for the whole body ......

A Saudi woman who was granted the first election victory in history. In December 2015Election ballot for the first time female participationWas done.

movies"Star Wars / Force's Awakens"Has about 6,900,000 box office revenues in the US and Canada on the first day of public releaseAchievementAnd it was the record of the highest ever.

About two weeks from 30 November to 11 December 2015 the 21st UN Conference of Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate ChangeCOP 21) Was held in Paris, and all countries and regions in 196 countries worldwide are working to keep the temperature rise to less than 2 degreesagreement.

At the end is a midget family.

A baby has joined a family member. ChinaOne child policyIf the number of newborns will increase by 3 million per yearPredictionIt is being done.

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