Rolling with a skateboard into a festival that will be covered with powdery color powder "Horley"

A festival that is covered with color from head to toeHoley Festival"Was originally held in India, but now it is held all over the world. What will happen if you rush in India with a skateboard birthplace of Horley? As a result, there are movies that skateboarders slide in India, which is not suitable for skateboarding, "There are many people," "The road is narrow," "The road is bad," not suitable for skateboarding.

The Rajput Ride: Skating the Indian Holi Festival | Part 1 - YouTube

A skateboarder passing through the sweet by the side where the elephant walks with Shimonashi.

The stage is a oriental country, India, where a camel lies next to a car.

India with the second largest population in the world. China with the world's largest population can be convinced because the land area is large, but what is India the second largest in the world, compared with China? I think that when walking in India "I have no place without anyone" anyway. Furthermore, India is known as "a country not suitable for skateboarding" because many roads are not paved and narrow streets, but this time it was a dare to challenge "Skateboard in India" about.

When you slide down the alley on the skateboard, you take a lot of attention from people around you.

Further sliding ...

Jump if there is a step.

I will go on avoiding bicycles and motorcycle rows.

Some people are manipulating cobra with music in the streets.

If you go up and down with a step while it is on the skateboard, cheers are cheered unexpectedly.

People who burn something in the street.

Behind the lady ......

Skateboarder going through all the way.

We will over lightly the handrail.

Go through between the cow and the motorcycle in a narrow alley.

Easy to catch by taxi.

Trying to get away from a taxi ......

Motorcycle from behind. I will slide at the slaughter.

Furthermore, a man whose face is covered with color powder.

Men also covered in color.

This is India celebrating the visit of springHoley FestivalThe state of.

From a passing motorbike ......

You can throw out color powder. In the middle of the Holi Festival, unlimited coloring and coloring water is applied, so when you go out in the city during the period you will be covered with colors all at once. It is a very happy festival saying "Happy Holi!" After hanging it, but it is also a chaotic site where someone who is drunk and people who touches a woman will also appear because it is an informal course.Articles covering the chaos of the Holy Festival locallyMust see.

The whole body is a pink man ... ...

Some people are not sure who they are.

So, when you are skateboarding in town ......

You can put out coloring with ... Fasatsu ......

She seems to have inhaled color powder, it was peeling off powder.

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