I went to the Holy Festival to dye the whole body colorfully and celebrate Spring was a battlefield

IndianHoley FestivalPeople who celebrate the visit of spring Meeting people Meeting people saying "Happy Holy!" It is a festival that paints coloring and sprinkles with color water, March 17th hits Horley in 2014. It is done in India nationwide, but the town named Brindavan located north of DelhiKrishnaThe most extreme Holi is done as a sacred place of Shimane, so I went to the Bangka Bihari Temple in Bin Davan and I've been seeing what kind of festival it is with Holey.

It was around 8 AM on March 17th that Horley arrived at Blyndaban, the sacred place of Krishna, one of the most exciting places. The town is already overflowing with people and is generally powdery.

The ground dyed in pink.

People along the way are already pink.

People who dyed colorfully from head to toe.

Was the boy washed away once, there is a trace of color powder on the face a little.

Like Delhi and Matler, there were also many color powder shops here.

Holey discovered customs to throw flowers besides color powder and color water, or people who sell flowers.

It is a temple called Banke Bihari who headed towards this time, but the way to the temple gets crowded with people more and more. After photographing this picture, it is about the color powder from directly in front, furthermore coloring powder on face and head to unknown youth, color water on back, colorfully in the body quickly. Even once, it is regarded as "color powder & color water and okay person" as it scatters color powder and color water, and attacks will be dragged from one to the next. There is nothing to avoid as long as you stay in the city.

This is Banke Bihari Temple.

Because the inside of the temple can not be entered with soil foot, many sandals were removed from the surroundings and the ground was not visible.

As we go into the temple while being drunk by a wave of people ......

The inside is awesome enthusiasm. The colors of the photos are not going wrong, but the color powder is overkilling and it is overall pink.

How many people are overflowing? You can tell by seeing the movie below.

The state of Banke Bihari Temple on the Holy Festival day - YouTube

A state of Banke Bihari Temple overflowing with people - YouTube

A curtain is drawn in front of the temple, and the statue of Jagannart beyond the curtain is to appear every few minutes. People will rush to the front of the temple to see the image of Jagannat statue. Please note that images are forbidden.

As much as you can see, there are many colorful people.

Some people throw powder with fasach ......

People also spray spray type color powder.

It looks like this when the spray type color powder sticks firmly.

A state from behind the building.

The inside of the temple is full of people, people, people anyway to the back.

Some people are looking at the situation from the second floor.

A man who starts confetti from the second floor.

Hooley of the Banke Bihari Temple is famous in India, so some television stations were also visiting.

Grandma also has a big afternoon in the presence of a TV camera.

Because it is overflowing with people, little children were hugged by parents or shoulder cars.

From children to adults, others call each other "Happy Holy!", And I will attach color powder with a smile.

A man full of color powder.

Tourists tend to be particularly targeted, and various colors will be mercilessly attached to various people.

A woman who smiles with it.

However, the woman was holding a water gun with color powder in his hands and was in a battle situation.

A white woman whose face was dyed in pure red.

Colorful to the head.

An old man and a lady who noticed the presence of the camera and showed off dancing.

Touching a cow on board ... ...

People who offer flowers too.

Many people who seemed to be photographers also visited and everyone was shooting with vinyl on the camera.

There is no mercy of course having a camera.

I saw many of the people who seriously prayed in the temple.

On the other hand, there are lots of people who are frolicking with festive feelings.

Some people keep taking pictures of commemoration.

People who seemed to be tourists of Indian people used photography of smart phones in general. Is it safe to use a smartphone while very colorful particles of color and color water flutter? I am worried.

There are many men in the temple, but I also saw some women. Equipment of water gun seems to be indispensable.

There was something like a table in the middle of the temple and cameramen were gathering to take a good picture.

So, while moving through the people wave, moved to the middle of the temple.

The inside of the temple seen from the middle of the temple is from the following.

People celebrating Holi at Banke Bihari Temple - YouTube

Just as the statue reappears, people show excitement.

A state seen from behind.

Young people raising their hands.

It is a mummification.

Men who pray.

Duplicate the uncle of the moment with the color powder from directly in front.

Everyone is wrapped in hot air, but everyone is friendly and smiles with a smiley face.

A photographer who can wear color powder during shooting.

There were also a lot of photographers shooting from the second floor.

If the sacred atmosphere was felt in the way that the light is plugged in behind the temple ......

There seems to be something wrong, I also found men who have been kicked out.

Color powder is rising up to the ceiling.

So, enjoy Horley, let 's go home, and go home town. However, it is actually from here that Horley gets more intense.

Children are waiting at high places such as roadside and the roof of the house, and we will spill colorful water to the people who go.

Sometimes we decided to pose and gently loosen the hands of the attack if we caught the camera ......

The group is generally attacked by the group without mercy. The following is one piece that is surrounded by a group of children and cuts the shutter when painted with color powder on the face and body. Children are all smiling, enjoying purely Holey, there is no offense. Maybe.

A child with a hose and a father with a smile.

Of course I can water it.

Child attacking with water gun.

Children wearing color water from the roof.

With a full smile ......

Basha. In addition, I will never loose the pursuit.

If you managed to escape the street and find an auto rickshaw, you will be presented with more than twice the price you went to the hotel, but because you are in a state of emptiness, you are not fine. Although I got on the rickshaw while saying "I can do anything ...", even though I was resting, even though I was on the road, it was not until I got on the rickshaw, It decreases rapidly. I shared a picture with four Indians and Rickshaw, but since they once joined Holey as a boy, they were always bursting out to laugh at Moro to make it possible to add color water.

This is the main means of doing the movement in Auto Rickshawa, India. The photograph was taken in Delhi.

Rickshaw driver is full of colors.

Somehow I arrived at the hotel leaving the city of Brindavan. I was wearing white clothes on this day ... ...

When returning from Horley, I could not understand what color it was any longer.

Because Holey's main is in the morning, everyone's relaxed atmosphere, when looking towards the station in the afternoon, you can not affix color powder.

But after all they were pink.

Holey in India is an event sometimes told that "travelers do not leave the hotel because of danger", but in addition to being taken sun glasses by instantaneous death in one of the children who attacked with color powder There is no conspicuous damage. However, travelers became a good target for being conspicuous, and everyone was stained colorfully with color powder and color water in Hory, Brindavan. Especially women are more prone to mocking than men, and furthermore they are touched by breasts and chest and buttocks, so every year that sexual damage of travelers has been reported on this day, so I spent calmly in India People want to stay at the hotel is better, but it is certain that it will be an unforgettable day for you to participate in Horley.

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