What is the new mechanism that the browser "Brave" aims to distribute profits to content providers and users while blocking advertisements

We used ad blocking features implemented by Apple on iOS 9, including legacy ad blocking appsApp appearedFor example, the situation surrounding the display of Internet advertisements is constantly intermingled between advertisers and users. In the meantime, he served as CEO of Mozilla to develop Firefox and others, and now is a software startup "Brave SoftwareMr. Brendan Ike who launched a new browser "BraveWe are developing the development of. Brave not only accelerates page rendering by hiding advertisements, but also aims to realize a new distribution method of ad revenue in the future.


This new ad-blocker has a plan to pay publishers | The Verge

Mr. Ike, former CEO of Mozilla and developer of JavaScript, established Brave in 2015 and has prepared to publish a browser with a new mechanism in early 2016. In addition, Mr. Ike assumed office as Mozilla's CEO in March 2014, but received a grudge against the homosexuality problem,I resigned from the CEO in about ten days since inaugurationdoing.

The browser "Brave" developed by Brave Software significantly reduces data traffic and speeds the display of the page by significantly excluding advertisements that are sent along with the page content each time visiting the website. In addition, it is equipped with a function to block the tracking of actions on the net using cookies etc, which is done in the background when browsing the net normally, and it will enable a high speed display of up to 60% in total .

Brave is being developed for Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, and its development is underway in an open source environment using GitHub. Version 0.7 is released as a beta version at the time of article creation. The beta version is now available for download from the Brave site, but registration is required, and it was in a state waiting at the time of article creation.

Although it says "exclude advertisements", it is likely that it is likely to be one of Brave's points that it has a function of blocking only "advertisements harmful to users" even in advertisements, rather than removing all advertisements is. The circumstances surrounding malicious net advertisements, such as a method called "malva- tizing", which sneaks into the user's terminal without knowing malware and display advertisements are becoming sophisticated, but Brave is such malicious The advertisement revenue that the content provider should originally obtain is incorporated by excluding only the advertisement, displaying only the "merit" advertisement for the user, and displaying the problem-free advertisement at the same time.

It is possible to see how the page display is actually being speeded up in the following movie.

Brave Browser test iOS - YouTube

The iPhone 6 Plus on the left side is Safari on Apple's original browser and the Brave on the right iPhone 6 Plus is installed, and the display speed is compared by loading the same page.

First we started loading the first page at the same time.

In a few seconds the page drawing on the right Brave has been completed, but in the Safari on the left the page display is not completed and the advertisement is still displayed.

In addition, after a few seconds have elapsed, the page has finished displaying the total of four ads.

High-speed display is the same on another site. Even for the first time reading with yo don ......

Brave has completed display first. Not only is the display fast, you can see that advertisements are also blocked.

Even if you tried some sites, we found that the device using Brave generally completes the display first.

Although it is not so different from regular ad blocking function so far, Brave is promoting the development to content providers, users, network partners, and Brave, at the place where existing advertisements are blocked It is to replace it with another ad with a mechanism to distribute profits.

When asked, it is natural that the question is raised and the voice of condemnation is raised as to whether the income which the content provider was supposed to get would be grazed by the Brave's going into the middle, but Mr. Ike gains the profit to the content provider He said he was thinking seriously about distributing it. In response to The Verge's interview, Mr. Ike says "Brave will be a better source of benefits than advertisers."

Brave distributes 55% of the revenue from advertisements displayed on the page to content providers and the remaining 45% to Brave itself, partners who manage advertisements, and users who browse pages 15 We devise a system that distributes by%. The 15% revenue distributed to users will go into "personal wallet" that each user will have and will be managed by a system with protocol similar to bit coin.

ByFamZoo Staff

Users can also cash the earnings entered into their own wallet, but Brave can use the money to pay for paid services offered by the user's favorite site, donate to charity groups, etc. Such asMicropaymentIt seems that it is aiming at creating a flow of money on the net by using it for.

In order for this mechanism to work well, it is estimated that from 10 million to 15 million users need to reach the scale to use Brave. Although the possibility of realization is still unknown, it seems that it will be an interesting effort as to whether realization of the mechanism that the merit can be expected for the user and realization of the new profit circulation.

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