First-class kitchen to taste crispy Japanese style chicken Tatsuta with salt or mayo "Negishi Chicken Ryuta Sand" "Chicken Tatsuta Sand" Tasting Review

In the first kitchen, chicken breast meat pickled overnight in soy sauce, book mirin, garlic, etc, was used to make crispy crispy clothes with motico "Negishi Chicken Tatsuta Sand"Chicken Tatsuta sandwich"Has appeared. I tried to compare eaten by ordering whether it is simple mayonnaise or sesame oil fragrant scallion salt sauce, which one is better compatible with Tatsuta fried.

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I came to the first kitchen.

There was a sign of a new menu in front of the shop.

I immediately went inside and ordered "Negiri Chicken Ryuta Sand" (380 yen including tax), "Chicken Tatsuta Sand" (340 yen including tax). The wrapping is exactly the same.

Firstly I will eat from onion leek chicken Tatsuta sandwich.

When I opened the buns, there was a sliced ​​cabbage which was raised and raised with Tatsuta fried in inside.

The leek salt sauce is painted between cabbage and Tatsuta fried.

"MochikokchikinThis is used for Hawaiian cuisine such as "Tsutsumi fried chicken breast meat using mochiko (mochi powder)" like this.

Compared to iPhone 6, you will find that it is easy to eat with perori.

That's why I tried eating leek salted chicken Tatsuta sand and sesame oil smelling appetite from scallion salt sauce. Tatsuta fried is moist and soft texture in spite of the flesh, clothing is calming and deep frying. Negi salt sauce is also compatible with Tatsuta fried with Japanese style flavored. The ingredients of cabbage · scallion sauce · chicken meat and fried tofu are intact taste which can be applied as it is as a side dish. Although it is an unusual combination of sesame oil fragrant ingredients and buns, you can enjoy "new taste" that you have never seen before.

It is hard to see, but plenty of chopped green onion has been used plenty for scallion sauce.

Continue to eat chicken Tatsuta sand finished in a simple mayonnaise.

Cut the cabbage shredded too.

There are plenty of mayonnaise between cabbage and Tatsuta fried.

When I ate it, although it was only a little noticed at the time of the Negishi Chicken Ryuta Sand, I could taste the exquisite balance of Soy Sauce, Hon mirin, Garlic used in the lower flavor from Tatsuta fried. Although it is seasoned seasoned enough to be thought as "Ali without a sauce", creamy mayonnaise adds further flavor. If you like fried chicken Ryuta, a simple chicken Tatsuta sandus is recommended.

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