Apple acquires a startup that reads emotions with artificial intelligence

It was reported in October 2015 that Apple pulled out an artificial intelligence expert from NVIDIA , but a new startup that is developing artificial intelligence technology that analyzes emotions of human faces and detects emotions `` Emotient '.

Apple Buys Artificial-Intelligence Startup Emotient-WSJ

Apple buys Emotient, a company that uses AI to read emotions | The Verge

The first report that `` Apple acquired an artificial intelligence startup '' was the Wall Street Journal, and the company that seems to be acquired analyzed the facial expression of the person reflected in the image with artificial intelligence technology, and every frame A startup called Emotient, which is developing technology to read the emotions of the target person. Emotient's emotion measurement reader can read the three elements of `` Attention (attention) '', `` engagement (reaction) '' and `` emotion (emotion), and for example, the customer who saw the advertisement `` Where and how You can know interests and actions such as 'Is there?'

Apple responded to the Wall Street Journal by saying, `` Apple sometimes buys small technology companies, but we usually don't explain their purpose or plans. '' Only standard comments are used each time, but it does not clarify whether or not the acquisition was a fact, or what the intention or intention was if the acquisition was a fact.

According to The Verge, Apple was said to have acquired motion capture technology company ` ` faceshift '' specialized in face analysis and ` ` Perceptio '' company of deep learning image recognition technology for mobile processors in 2015. 'It's a complement to a company we've acquired recently.'

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