Technology that TV reads audience's emotions and determines accurate audience rating


It is said that it is difficult to analyze the audience rating survey of TV to the question "what kind of reaction the viewer actually shows when watching TV or advertising". Face recognition technology capable of detecting what kinds of feelings such as happiness, sadness, fear, surprise, puzzle, etc. who is watching TV is becoming the standard of audience rating surveillance.

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With the help of 5153 people in the fall of 2015 BBC conducted an attempt to scan the response when seeing advertisements displayed on the net from the PC webcam. As a result, it is known that advertisements entitled "advertisement" have less rejection than advertisements that people trick and read in a style like a news article. Likewise, BBC is looking for a viewer's real-time emotion analysis technology using the latest face recognition technology on TV.

According to Andrew Tenzer, senior manager in the research department of the BBC Global News, "embarrassment" means having some kind of interest, expressing deep thinking, human emotions are very delicate I will tell you the information. " It is said that these information can not be obtained by conventional survey methods and questionnaires.

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Recognizing the importance of face recognition technology, BBC launched a face recognition technology startup using smart sensors in 2015CrowdEmotionWe have bought "Top Gear" for hundreds of people and "SHERLOCK (Sherlock)"I'm looking into the reactions I saw on TV programs.

Likewise, several companies in the United States are beginning to adopt emotional analysis by face recognition technology for the reaction of viewers who saw TV programs and commercials. It is a leading company in TV audience rating survey in 2015NielsenDeveloped a technology to measure correct feelings of TV viewers from the amount of sweating of the skin, trend of gaze, and other biological informationInnerscope ResearchWe acquired. However, Nielsen has not introduced these technologies to the survey of TV viewership rate at the moment, but there is a good possibility that it will be adopted as a standard for audience rating survey in the future.

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