The new type of stick-type PC "Intel Compute Stick" also includes Core M version of Skylake, greatly improving performance

International Home Appliance FairCES 2016By Intel, the pioneer of a stick-type PC that can be used by just plugging it into a TV or LCD display "Intel Compute Stick"New model released. The 2nd Generation Compute Stick is a 6th Generation Intel Core processor "Skylake"High-performance versions equipped with the Core M series of generations were also lineuped, and the performance was greatly improved.

Introducing the Intel® Compute Stick

Intel® Compute Stick STK 2 MV 64 CC, STK 2 M 3 W 64 CC, STK 2 M 3 64 CC Product Brief

Intel® Compute Stick Featuring the Intel® Core ™ M Processor

Compute Stick announced at CES 2015 realized the cheap price by installing free Windows 8.1 with Bing in OS in addition to the novel concept of ultra-small PC that can be inserted directly on TV and monitor, sometimes it is big I gave an echo. However, the CPUIntel Atom Z3735FIt was somewhat ineffective to run Windows 8.1 at Windows 8.1, there was only one real USB port except for the power supply, there were restrictions on the external input device, and it was also true that there was a sweetness of stuffing.

A year later Intel announced the second generation Compute Stick that resolved the negative of the first generation.

At the CES 2016 venue, CNET can confirm the appearance of the 2nd generation Intel Compute Stick real machine with the following movie.

Intel's Compute Stick adds ports and power - YouTube

The second generation Intel Compute Stick of the same stick type as the first generation. You can check the exhaust fan from the slit on the top.

Thin as ever. However, Wi-Fi performance such as 802.11ac compatibility has been improved.

It is noteworthy that the USB port. From the left you can see USB 3.0, USB 2.0, Micro-USB for power supply and three USB ports. Thanks to the addition of the USB 3.0 port, the total length was slightly longer, but it is a welcome improvement.

Also equipped with cover for HDMI terminal.

It seems to greatly reduce the possibility of breakage of the terminal.

Extension cable is also available.

It is the same as the first generation that we need the power supply cable.

The 2nd Generation Compute Stick has the appearance of almost the same key concept as the 1st generation, but in addition to the addition of the USB port, the CPU is "Cherry Trail"ofIntel Atom x 5 - Z 8300(4 cores / 1.44 GHz). The memory is 2GB, the storage is 32GB eMMC, the price of "STK 1 AW 32SC" equipped with Windows 10 in OS is $ 159 (about 19,000 yen), and shipping has already started.

In addition, the 2nd generation Compute Stick has a high-performance model equipped with the 6th generation Intel Core processor "Skylake-Y". The top model "STK 2 MV 64 CC"Intel Core m5 - 6 Y 57.

In addition to the power supply port, the upper model has only one USB 3.0.

The size is 4.5 inches (about 11.4 cm), which is slightly longer than the first generation.

The top models with Skylake-Y include Intel Core m3-6 Y30 (2 cores / 900 MHz), 4 GB memory, 64 GB eMMC, middle range model with Windows 10 is $ 399 (about 47,000 yen), Intel Core A high-end model equipped with m5 - 6 Y 57 (2 cores / 1.1 GHz), 4 GB memory, 64 GB eMMC is planned to be sold in February 2016 at 499 dollars (about 59,000 yen). Note that the middle range model has "STK 2 M 3 W 64 CC" with Windows 10 and "STK 2 M 3 64 CC" without OS, whereas the high end model "STK 2 MV 64 CC" does not have OS installed.

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