Emerging EV startup "Faraday Future" pursues Tesla announces concept car "FFZERO 1"

Fastest top of electric car (EV) specialized manufacturersTesla MotorsAmerica's EV maker established to pursue "Faraday Future(Faraday Future) "is the company's first concept car at the CES 2016 venueFFZERO 1We announced. Attention was brought about by the announcement of "cars showing future mobility" at CES, which is the home electronics fair, but the one who seemed to have taken the model of a sports car as it was was a one-seater vehicle. However, there seems to be a concept that allows us to catch a glimpse of future developments.

Glimpse Into the Future

At the CES 2016 venue, people gather for the concept car of Faraday Future (FF).

First of all, Nick Sampson of Senior Vice President, one of the founders of FF, In the past Mr. Sampson was a person who came across automobile manufacturers such as Jaguar, Lotus, Tesla.

Next was the Chinese home electronics manufacturer "Video Netflix in China" video distribution service "LeTVMr. Ding Lei, co - founder of (view 网 网) 」. LeTV is a company that supports FF financially and is indispensable for FF. Mr. Ding talks about the fact that he holds a vision for the future of FF with the intention of "criminal" of the influence given to the earth by the past business by comparing himself to an old lumber who began planting trees after retirement It was.

The third speaker is Richard Kim, FF's chief designer. Mr. Kim has experience as a designer in Audi and BMW in the past, he is a lead designer of BMW's EV "i 3", "i 8", and "i 8 spider concept".

The time when the veil finally arrived came after the explanation of the vehicle was done once. The stage is colored with directive incorporating fancy lighting and projection mapping ......

A fairly glowing car appeared. A low & amp; wide pure sports car, which we did not anticipate from the explanation of "concept car that advocates the" next generation EV ", appeared.

A vehicle looking under bright light is like this. It is painted with irregular two tone color that the front of the vehicle is black and the back is silver.

This is the concept car released by FF "FFZERO 1". Just like the form of the racing car itself, the front bumper has a wing-like design that creates downforce at the bottom. In addition, the processing of the light (like something like that) spreading to the left and right front tires across the bonnet is also characteristic.

When you see the car body from above, you can see that it is more radical design. This car is a one - seat driver whose driver is sitting in the center of the car body, the driver space is covered with a transparent canopy. In the back of the driver, the cowl leading to the rear wing has been designed to extend long, and this is also the racing car. Although it is an irresistible design to love cars, it is not amusing even if there are people who "head kore is next generation EV?"

A bucket-like seat wrapped around the driver and the state of the surroundings of the steering wheel are as if it is the F1 machine. The designer who designed it is a finishing which seems to have been designed with a lot of trouble.

In the middle of the handle, "smartphone dock" which puts smartphone is carried. Finally the CES likeness of the home appliance fair has come up.

Design process of the side part which is a big feature of FFZERO 1. It seems that it incorporates a motif called "UFO line" to bring out a near future image.

When you see the car body from the front bumper, you can see that a tunnel penetrating to the rear is provided. This is a design aimed at improving aerodynamic characteristics and cooling the battery to be installed. Even though I leave this Le Mans 24 hour race, it is a wonderful level of making, but as I mentioned it many times, this is a concept car that was considered as a "next generation EV".

Semitransparent fins are stretching backwards behind the driver. This is one of the design philosophy which is often adopted in durable racing car of recent years.

It seems that carbon fiber of light weight and high rigidity is used for the body.

◆ FF advocated chassis concept "VPA"
FF utilizes the unique characteristics of EV, and has an extensible chassis platform "VPA(Variable Platform Atchitecture) "out of it.

This chassis (chassis) is the basic part of FF.

Built-in battery pack shown in orange below the floor of the car body. It is a unique design method for batteries with high design freedom.

The center part of this chassis can be extended forward and backward, so you can easily cope with cars of various car classes, or you can add capacity by adding a battery pack as shown in the figure below.

The crashable zone which absorbs the impact at the time of accident is said to be able to correspond to a wide range of vehicles by extending it to the front and back as follows.

The platform is modular and it is considered that it is easy to change the specification according to the needs.

For example, a motor that produces power can be mounted on either the front wheel or the rear wheel, and it can also be mounted on the front and rear wheels for 4-wheel drive. It seems that it can correspond to a wide range of applications such as a family car driving the front wheels, a sports car driving the rear wheels, SUV driving the four wheels.

In addition, from the platform stage the connection to the Internet and correspondence to automatic driving technology is built in.

By installing sensors that monitor all directions of the vehicle from the beginning, it is said that it can be utilized as a vehicle that realizes future mobility.

Taking advantage of these characteristics, it is possible to make various derived models.

As mentioned above, by having a platform that can handle a wide range of needs, it is possible to apply SUVs and sports cars from passenger cars of sedans.

This is VPA proposed by FF.

Nonetheless, thought similar to this has been adopted even in conventional automobile manufacturing, and it is well known that Mazda is developing "CX-3" based on a common platform as "Demio" The part that is. Although it seems that FF is not necessarily a pioneering existence, it is the place where interest is gotten to what extent the concept of VPA is hidden.

(PDF)Mazda Technical Information Development of a lightweight body shell of the new Demio CX-3

◆ Movement image scene also appeared
At the end of the presentation, the image scene that FFZERO 1 is actually running was also swept away.

In the hands of the driver who put the racing glove, it is a smartphone.

Fairly shining FFZERO 1

FFZERO 1 that runs through corners at high speed. The processing of the tail part where the air seems to flow well and the fin which extends for a long time make the feeling of aerodynamic goodness feel ... ... Although it is an image like a racing car, this is the concept car of the next generation EV.

Fight against the winding road FFZERO 1.

Scenes like scanning the condition of the road surface. It is unknown whether or not it is actually a function to be realized.

In this way, FFZERO 1 was a concept car incorporating concepts full of future feeling.

Finally, the three people side by side and the presentation was over.

After the presentation of CES 2016, the page which featured FFZERO 1 has been released on the FF site, so that you can see more images and details.

Glimpse Into the Future

It is also possible to see the movie that appeared in the presentation. This is an image movie that expresses the concept of FFZERO 1.

FFZERO 1 Concept - YouTube

And here is a movie that explains the applicability of VPA.

FF's Variable Platform Architecture - YouTube

In addition, a 360 degree movie that can experience the 360 ​​degree scenery as planned to ride FFZERO 1 was also released.

FFZERO 1 Concept - 360 Degree Experience - YouTube

In fact it was FFZERO 1 which tickles the car lover's heart, but it is a part that can not deny that there was a part that makes some feeling old in its contents. In this vehicle, it is not necessarily said that the way of mobility in the future was shown, and I would like to expect the concept following this FFZERO 1 to appear. In the presentation FF talks about his advantage as "speed of action", so I would like to hope that new proposals will come forward in the future.

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