An unlucky incident encountered by Chariderman who returned to Japan for the first time in a year

It may leak out. Although it was a short flight, I broke my stomach and was waiting for the landing. The toilet can not be used after the seatbelt. I could not afford to enjoy the blue sea of ​​Okinawa shining outside the window, it was in a state of relief.

Hello, I returned from Taiwan for the first time in 1 year and 1 monthTakuya Sudo @ circle around the world bicycle @ Charridermanis. I would like to write about Taiwan which is a world-friendly friendly country, but there were events that I wanted to tell before that.

◆ Flight to Japan

About 1 month 's stay in Taiwan is over on December 13. There was something I wanted to do more, so it was a desire to be haired. Still, because there is a flight to Okinawa, I will move to the airport. Although it was an early flight in the morning, the weight of the luggage including the folding bike did not exceed and I checked in safely. Time to boarding is enough. Because Taiwan's money also remains, I bought a cup noodle at a convenience store at the airport and ate it. This was a mistake.

I was told at the time of check-in "I left it as a window seat", but at this time I was in trouble. Two people are sitting next to each other. A short flight of 2 hours 30 minutes in the first place. But even after about an hour, the stomach begins to kyurukyuru. It is not a matter of urgency, but to conflict for a while. While you can hear the devil 's voice saying "You can also make it misleading like this", there was also a whisper of the angel, "You can lie to yourself". In the end, to refresh before being really tired, I declined the next two people and went to the toilet.

He seemed to have broken his stomach. I got out of the toilet and asked the cabin crew to "I want to move to the vacant seat so that I can go to the bathroom soon so I'm bad in my stomach", but I can not communicate well, I sign a seatbelt Then it returned to the former seat and waited for arrival, whatever it would become. Even in a brief moment, I feel a sense of tension that holds sweat in my hands again. After seeing the land, landed on the runway, moved to the terminal, the boarding bridge was connected. When I entered the building, I aimed at the toilet at once.

◆ Discrimination sticker in toilet
It was in time. ...... I will breathe and turn my line of sight at the door of the door. "The used toilet paper is not in the garbage can, but into the toilet bowl," and so it was useless to drain Taiwan as it was. "Please pay attention to your forgotten items", this attentive service is a hospitality. I realize that I came back to Japan on a toilet seat (washlet).

...... However, there was a mark that only one understands. "Parents' house"In the illustration of the wood, a diagonal line of a red circle and a banned mark prohibited with diagonal lines. Although I had a bad feeling but I thought that there was a meaning like "no insects", I looked into the door of the other private room toilet, but it was only where I used it. This was just a discrimination sticker.

"Disinfection insect" refers to the Chinese who rush in large quantities like an insect's grasshopper. Because "times" means the way to go home, is it that "Chinese people should go home?" It became disgusting feeling.

I do not know who did it. But, I should stop the actions that I can not say "I did it".

By the way, I did not come to the pin to call the Chinese who came to do as big as a grasshopper, but it seems to be the expression used in Hong Kong.

Why do Hong Kong call the Chinese "grasshopper"? | Greater China Mainland China | Toyo Economic Online | New Standards of Economic News

Hong Kong citizen, angry mind to shoppers of "locust" mainland China | JBpress (Japan Business Press)

Evolution - Wikipedia

Even in Hong Kong, locust stickers were stuck on public goods.

Hong Kong signature: "Chinese western civil war era" - 铁 血 网

◆ Although I reported it
I got my baggage at the turntable and went to the arrival gate. However, I was stared at customs this time as well and "I went to where?" "How long have you been traveling?" I will search for a situation. Even though I can withstand blowing out and answering, expecting no check like the last time "Few, I am sorry but please show me the contents of the bag" It falls. I laughed in spite of myself. Accepting while saying "I am always suspected." I was going to do a drug test, I was cotton ponpon, but it was a blist event. There is no reason to repel anyone who is doing the right job.

I also looked into the toilet of the arrival lobby, but I did not find a similar sticker. When I explained the circumstances at the information center that was in a prominent place, it was a story that tells the airport management company. The sticker is surely already peeled off. Is it a small thing, is the investigation done properly?

◆ Antipathy to Chinese
Antipathy against China and Korea seems to be getting stronger day by day, when I became a topic in conversation with local friends, I felt the change of Japanese society. Even for me, there are discontent with the Chinese way of doing things.

I will not shop at all in Laox, which became Chinese capital. Just one year ago, I succeeded in gathering Chinese tourists in a way to stop the sightseeing bus on the street in Akihabara store. When they finished shopping, hang out on the road and hinder the traffic until the pick up bus arrived. When asked at the Banjo-bashi police station for confirmation, only the response saying "I am trying to rush if there is a report, I am making an effort," with the recognition of illegal acts, left the spot with an inconvenient feeling. Is not it still changing now? Chinese tourists who do not know anything are undaunted. Only the innocent smile that we saw in front of the store "a little bit went to Bic camera" was saving.

Welcome nowIs bomb"Chinese tourists are enjoying traveling in Japan,Foreigners traveling in your country can stay only in the accommodations the government has allowed. I was dissatisfied and I repeated the conflict everywhere.Uighur riotEven though there were, it seems that blocking the Internet for more than a month is not so much. Despite the emergency situation, unprecedented information control was done in the world.

Certainly Japan invaded China. If it becomes a historical problem it will get stuffed in words, but in progressive formInvade Uyghur and TibetYou are the one who is doing. I will write himself as "Small Japan" with the person in front of me. ChineseCivilization generationI also made it frightening to my uncle.

◆ If you have dissatisfaction
But what would it be like making such a sticker? If you do not agree, just sublimate to speech. If you were dissatisfied with sticker stickers, there should have been actions to get support from many people.

To begin with, that sticker also makes people in Taiwan and Hong Kong uncomfortable. You know who you are pointing to, but you will not misunderstood it. It is similar to Chinese tourists. People who came and liked Japan. In a clean toilet with no dust, you should impress the country called Japan, high-tech toilet seat called washlette, toilet paper stacked innocuously because there is no theft, Japan, and you will like it even more.

The figures of entering tourist statistics for FY2004 released by Okinawa Prefecture are like this.

【Year】 Heisei Region entry tourist statistics overview (released on April 21, 2015) / Okinawa Prefecture

In the future there will be no conflict with China and South Korea, but let's do something quietly without using cowardly hands. Freedom of expression that "can go out" and "try to get along" neither can deny. By hitting various assertions, I hope that society will proceed better. As mentioned in this article, the act of sticking a discrimination sticker in a public building can not get anyone's support, so you should never imitate it.

It was inevitable that a coincidence took place after arrival. I thought that something had any meaning, and this time I made it an article.

(Sentence / photo: Takuya S. Narou Charriderman
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