A movie "Darth Santa" in which Darth Vader repeats vandalism to annihilate Christmas

Darth Vader as a Santa Claus who has invaded a happy family repeatedly stolen or vandalize Christmas, some movies might make the feeling clearer and calmer feel like "Darth Santa"is.

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Darth Vader who came to a house with luxurious spiral staircase.

I think whether to give gifts to the children ... ...

I took out a paperback bag.

I will put out things like garbage from inside and put them inside the socks and the dozadosa.

Next, Darth Vader turns his index finger to the cup containing milk.

I fell down fairly with Bashash.

Cookie is boring with a fist.

Hatred is on the verge.

Steal the bicycle which seems to be a gift for girls.

Move by bicycle with Kiko Kiko ... ...

I drop off roughly in the garden of another house. Illumination bumped into a bicycle was destroyed.

Darth Vader as if you hate Christmas, but the lightsaber is a candy shape.

Scribble on the wall ......

To the intimidating dog ......

Fight back with Force · Lightning.

Float and skateboard float.

Grasp the fist and ... ...

The skateboarding board was destroyed.

Darth Vader will see something elsewhere.

It was an ornament of Jar Jar Binks decorated in the tree.

Destroy tree with hatred.

In addition, Storm trooper appeared.

Darth Vader with a bat with one hand.

Two people who are interested in cacchia and baseball.

I also steal alcohol.

Darth Vader and Storm Trooper lurking in the night road.

Pull the rope ......

I fell over the skateboarder that caught me. I feel like it does not have anything to do with Christmas coming here.

Storm trooper is delighted.

If we continue to do vandalism ... ...

The child asleep is awake.

"Santa came here!" With great joy out of the bed ... ...

Coming up to the living room ......

There, Darth Vader pouring milk into socks.

Children will show illustrations of Christmas like "I want to spend time with my father."

What kind of behavior do Darth Vader looked at in the child's eyes?

If you think that heart-warming endings will come, the movie will be greeted with the end that must be said "exactly the way". It was a movie that may save the heart of people saying "Christmas explode".

In addition, Darth Vader can not use Force Lightning in the movie, but I use it in the above movie. This point has been released to the following making movie that we are aware of it.

Darth Santa | Holiday Special Making Of - YouTube

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