Testing a new system that allows Google to log in with smartphone without entering a password

In most cases you will need to enter a password to access the account, not just the type of service. However, Google is developing a system to log in to a Google Account just by tapping on a smartphone without entering a password, and it is clear that the user is actually using the test.

Just got early access to log into Google account without password: Android

Google is testing signing into accounts using just password: no password required | VentureBeat | Security | by Emil Protalinski

Rp 1226According to a post written by reddit by user named user, Google is building a new system for logging in, and rp 1226 was selected as one of the test users. Rp1226 released a method of logging in without a password saying that we were able to try it with early access on a screenshot.

First of all, you will enter a mail on the PC and log in as usual.

Originally you should be prompted to enter your password, but the message "Please check your mobile phone, tap" Yes "and enter" 21 "is displayed.

When you check your mobile phone, you will see a notification "Do you want to sign in?"

When you open the notification, you will be asked "Do you want to log in from another PC?" Select "Yes".

When three numbers are displayed, tap "21" which was in the previous message.

Returning to the PC, you can log in properly by simply operating from the smartphone without entering the password.

When IT-related media VentureBeat asked Google, Google admitted that the system to log in with smartphone without inputting a password is being tested. According to Google, a new login method, in which password input is replaced by smartphone, seems to be particularly effective against phishing scams that pass away passwords.

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