Google announces update to make security notifications on the app

On October 7, 2020, Google announced that if an unauthorized login is detected in your Google account, we will update your smartphone notifications and security notifications sent by email so that you can check them on the app. In addition to security notifications, we've also announced new features for saving history in the Google Assistant.

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Google is adding cross-app account security alerts on iOS --The Verge

According to Google's announcement, if a security issue is detected in your Google account, an alert will be displayed within the app you are using. For example, if there is unauthorized access while using Gmail, a red '!' Mark will be displayed in the account icon part of the application as shown below. When you tap the icon ...

You can check the notification that 'a security problem has occurred'. When you tap 'Check activity' ...

You can see when, what device, and where it came from, as shown below. It's still up to you to decide whether the access is yours or a suspicious account. Google told the IT news site The Verge, 'First, we plan to deploy it exclusively on iOS in the coming weeks after October 2020, and more widely in early 2021.' That is.

In addition, Google assistant plans to update the security-related even is carried out, can be turned off the history storage function if you do not want to save the operation history to Google assistant that of a 'guest mode' is introduced. Previously, all Google Assistant operation history was saved in your Google account, but any operations in guest mode are not recorded in your account. It seems that guest mode can be turned on and off by voice command.

In addition to guest mode, we plan to add a function to delete the operation contents of Google Assistant by voice and a function to answer questions about security and privacy to Google Assistant immediately. These updates will be made within a few weeks of the announcement.

“To be safe online, we need constant vigilance and innovation. It builds the world's most advanced security infrastructure and manages user information in combination with responsible data processing and privacy tools. We will continue to advocate wise data regulation around the world and make privacy and security advances to stay secure online, 'said Google. ..

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