The biggest opening ceremony in history, the image of "Boeing 787 Dreamliner" by KLM Airlines is on the road

When a new device such as a smartphone or a PC appears, it opens the product to competeOpening CeremonyMany posts are posted on the net,KLM Dutch AirlinesNewly received new model received in November 2015 "Boeing 787 Dreamliner"YouTube has released the world's largest opening ceremonial ceremony.

Unboxing the new KLM Boeing 787 Dreamliner - YouTube

The movie starts with the phrase "the greatest opening ceremony that nobody has seen yet".

The destination of 4 staff is a huge warehouse where the logo of KLM was colored.

As the world's largest opening ceremony, huge switches for business use are used when opening lid (?).

"Gogogo ... ..." and the door was opened ... ...

The appearance of shiny Boeing 787 "Dreamliner".

Go up the ramp and enter the cabin.

The cockpit seat is also covered with protective vinyl. I will remove one by one.

The panel is lighted, and a breath is blown into the airframe.

Vinyl has been removed from the two throttle levers, and the operation is finally started.

In the 787 aircraft, flight information is displayed on the pilot's eyesHead-up displayIs equipped as a standard, it is possible to confirm the attitude of the aircraft surely without removing the gaze from the front.

Two people, Captain (Captain) and Kopai (Deputy Captain), who smiled as they say "good".

Opening work can proceed in one of the rooms.

A cabin attendant woman who removes a vinyl sheet one after another.

I will remove the light blue seal attached to the overhead bottle that will hold the loads overhead.

Prepare to peel off the protective film of the 11 inch screen in front of the seat.

The protection film of the guest room window is also peeled off. Such a scene, it is hard to see. The 787 aircraft successfully enlarged the window by using composite materials for the aircraft. Therefore, passengers can enjoy the scenery outside.

In addition to the large-sized window, the 787-type machine incorporates a dimming system that can electrically change the light transmittance, instead of the slide-type sunshade that was conventionally used. Thus, pressing the switch under the window ... ...

In this way, the window becomes black and it makes it less light to pass through.

It is shiny around the engine. The 787 aircraft is also known as the "flying power station" aircraft. Generating electricity with a huge generator mounted on two jet engines, we will move the system which replaced the conventional hydraulic system to the electric type.

Adopting LED for the light control system inside the machine. If you touch the light control panel like this in this way ......

You can freely change the color temperature of lighting. This makes it possible to create a flexible environment that matches the time of day etc.

In KLM's 787 aircraft, "herringbone arrangement" in which sheets are arranged diagonally is introduced to business class. This has the merit of making the seating surface full flat and features that allow direct access to the aisle from all seats.

In addition, it is said that an espresso machine that can enjoy authentic coffee is introduced in the plane.

A flight crew who enjoys self-taking by three people. Pictures taken in this way ......

If you use in-flight Wi-Fi even in the sky, you can say that you can post to Facebook from above the sky is also the latest equipment.

KLM introduced the latest model among the 787 aircraft, which was an extension type which increased the number of seats787-9Type machine. The same aircraft is a Japanese airline companyJALYaANABut it has been introduced so that you can experience more comfortable flight.

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