Tesla Announces Statement by Legendary Hacker's "Suspicious" by Authoring Autopilot Car in Only One Month

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It was a topic that legendary hackers who have raised a number of "credits" such as unlocking the iPhone's SIM lock for the first time in the world have built an automatic driving car in just one month, but at that time Also from Tesla led by Mr. Eulon Mask CEO who was named the name "Extremely dubious(Extremely unlikely) "has been announced.

Correction to article: "The First Person to Hack the iPhone Built a Self-Driving Car" | Tesla Motors

What is being dealt with here is that of hackers who are also said to be legendaryGeorge HotzLet's assume that Mr. has developed a gathered part and an automatic driving car in Linux in just one monthBloomberg Business Articlesis. Mr. Hots' almost handmade the vehicle you created can be seen in the following article.

Legendary hacker made his own car in just one month, already already run on public road - GIGAZINE

The vehicle he used for development by Mr. Hotz is approximately 3 million yen in Japanese yen Acura "ILX". The vehicle was equipped with various sensors, cameras, Intel's ultra-compact PC "NUC" and built a system.

Mr. Hots said from Tesla's mask CEO, Tesla also introduced automatic driving support system "Mobileye"If you realize the performance," Proposal to pay a lot of incentive "or talking in the article that you had received a work offer saying" You should work in Tesla. " In addition, Mr. Hotz said to Mr. Mask's proposal, "I am not looking for a job right now, I will notify you by pinging Mobileye when I hack Mobileye."

Shortly after the article of Bloomberg Business was published, Tesla announced a statement on the official website. That title is "Correction to article", which states Tesla's view on what is said in Bloomberg Business's article.

Correction to article: "The First Person to Hack the iPhone Built a Self-Driving Car" | Tesla Motors

Among them, Tesla said, "We believe that it is extremely unlikely that one individual or small company that does not possess a large-scale technical verification capability can develop an automated driving car with the capability of marketable level "There is a high possibility that it is a demonstration run in a limited section that had been studied beforehand, and Tesla realized such technology two years ago He insisted. "However, from then on, we will encounter various roads in milling kilometers of traveling experiments, and we need huge development resources to crush program bugs," he said, developing an automated driving car at the individual level I express my opinion denying the possibility of doing so.

Also, although it is "relatively easy to let the computer learn 99% accuracy," it is very difficult to realize 99% of the real automated driving techniques to increase to 99.9999% I also stated.

In addition, Tesla designs and develops automatic driving technology in-house, "If you can realize an automatic driving car by gathering vendor technologies as written in the article, Tesla is the only automatic driving It will not be a company that marketed a car. " We are clarifying the view that it is impossible to develop an automatic driving car with the gathering technique. Although Tesla, which mainly develops its own technology, evaluates Mobileye's technology as "the world's best," it purchases the company's chip and mounts it on the vehicle .

In this way, Tesla develops claims on Mr. Hotz and Bloomberg Business's articles with tones that are close to completely denying. Although it can be said that it is difficult to judge which part is correct, it is difficult to judge that it is not a party, but it is wrong that it is difficult to judge that there is a chief of the day in Tesla with proven track record that actually sent out an automatic driving car to the world It seems not to be.

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