Built-in self-made wooden kit series that moves mechanically and swiftly "UGEARS"

A wooden assembled model that can enjoy mechanical movement, such as a steam locomotive that actually travels, a machine-bound box, a tram that runs over a rail,UGEARS"is. UGEARS is a self-made kit that assembles parts that precisely cut out plywood with a laser cutter without requiring glue, and the gears mesh and move, and in some models it is also possible to run rubber with power. UGEARS is a cloud funding site We are seeking investment with Kickstarter.

UGears Models - Mechanical Models

UGEARS: Self-moving mechanical models by UGEARS - Kickstarter

UGEARS is an assembled model with a perfection degree that you can not imagine as a self-made kit at first glance. Moreover, this model is going to run freely, so it should be boring for mecha fan and model fan.

The kit before assembly is like this. Parts are already cut out wooden boards, so no tools etc are necessary.

It seems that how to assemble is explained clearly in a color manual.

With fingers like this, remove the parts with crispness ......

It will be completed if it assembles according to the instructions.

Various models are available in UGEARS. It is called Kickstarter exclusive modelLocomotive with TenderIs a set of steam locomotive (SL) and a set of coal hydraulic turbines connected to the back.

SL reproduces three 3-axis type of large wheels. It is also possible to separate the connected charcoal car by operating the lever. "Connect this twoDriving in duplexIf you think about it ... ... "or the like, the delusion will spread more and more.

The power source to worry is rubber hidden in the center of the locomotive body.

Before you run, turn the dial at the back of SL to crisp and roll with rubber to run. It seems that the possible mileage at a time is 4 to 5 meters.

Can be set with SL "Railway Platform(Station home) "lineup as well.

It is designed to reproduce the retro station building, and if it is set with SL, a scene like a scene of a movie is likely to be completed.

The size of Locomotive with Tender is 315 × 100 × 125 mm for the SL part and 160 × 90 × 115 mm for the coal-fired car. A 70 cm rail is included in the set. The number of parts is 480 points.

You can see how Locomotive with Tender actually runs in the following movie.

Locomotive with tender "UGEARS 460" - YouTube

TractorA model with the atmosphere of a tractor of a good old age. The size is 201 × 87 × 137 mm, the number of parts is 97 points.

It is the same as the SL model with rubber type power, but it seems that it is possible to run at two different driving speeds using a switching gear.

The way the Tractor runs is from the following movie. You can see the mechanism like an engine and the way the switching gear moves.

Model Tractor - YouTube

TheaterA model in which the king and queen, the prince, the castle, the dragon, the clown etc. appear according to the movement of the rotating gear. The size is 213 × 189 × 77 mm, the number of parts is 70 points.

It seems interesting to look at the scene that fits with the sound of a rat and rattling gear.

Theater's movements come from the following movies.

Model Theater - YouTube

Here is a model that reproduced the good old tramTram. The roof pantograph is a cute mini streetcar design.

The model that reproduced San Francisco's tram was 767 × 73 × 160 mm in size, with 154 parts. In addition to being able to run with rubber, it is also possible to roll with its own weight by making the rail diagonal. Since there are places to put notes on the roof part, it seems to be "the most romantic model" that you can write a message and send it to the other party.

You can check where the Tram is running with rattling and how the message is put in the following movie.

Model Tram with Rails - YouTube

Besides this, UGEARS is a 20-minute timer "Timer for 20 min.And ...

Similar to bulldozer "Combine(Combine) "and a lineup.

You can actually lock the "Safe(Safe) "or ...

Hold a lid that opens and closes mechanically and seems to be good for putting in business cards and cardsMechanical Box(Mechanical Box) "are also available.

UGEARS is a cloud funding siteKickstarterWe are looking for investment in. About 20,000 dollars (about 2.4 million yen) of the target amount, approximately 1,400,000 dollars (about 17 million yen) contributions are gathered from over 1,600 investors around the world at the time of article creation.

Early Bird plan which is the early investment discount discount system has all the frames filled in, but you can still invest in the normal price plan. Tractor is $ 17 (about 2100 yen), Theater is 20 dollars (about 2500 yen), Timer for 20 Min. Is 22 dollars (about 2700 yen), Tram is 23 dollars (about 2800 yen), Safe is 35 dollars It is 4300 yen).

And Locomotive with Tender is 58 dollars (about 7200 yen). In addition, a kit with a 4-meter rail set is $ 78 (about 9600 yen), a set with a station building can be obtained with 93 dollars (about 11,500 yen), etc. You can get a set containing all models for $ 310 (about 38,000 yen).

In addition, tractor for Tractor, Mechanical Box, etc. can be acquired as Add-On.

For shipping to Japan, a shipping fee of about 20 dollars (about 2500 yen) is required according to the model. The shipping fee is calculated according to the contribution contents after the deadline. The deadline for investment is Japan time on December 29th (Tuesday) 21:17 in Japan, and the shipping time is scheduled around April 2016.

UGEARS: Self-moving mechanical models by UGEARS - Kickstarter

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