A movie that shows in a single shot what the contents of the dial lock are

by debaird

Dial lock which turns the number written dial to open and close the lock is used as a padlock for locking the post and gate, and is used for a bicycle chain lock. There is a movie on YouTube where you can see at a glance how such a dial lock works.

Safe Lock Mechanism Wooden Toy 3D Model

The thing that comes to mind when you think of it as a dial lock is that there is a dial with numbers on the surface of the key like this, and if you turn the dial and arrange the correct numbers, the key opens.

The contents of the dial lock look like this. Parts like a lever are pressed against the mechanism that rotates corresponding to the dial ...

The rotating mechanism has an elongated slot. If you look closely, there are parts that protrude from the left back of the lock to the outside, and when this part protrudes or retracts, it unlocks and locks.

When the dial is turned from the outside, the rotation mechanism will rotate accordingly, but in order for the rod of the lever to be inserted into the elongated groove, all of the mechanisms corresponding to the dial must be in the correct position.

The groove of the innermost rotation mechanism is in the position corresponding to the bar of the lever. When the dial is turned as set in advance, the rod and groove of the lever correspond in this way.

Dial matches in order from the back ...

Finally all the grooves are in a position that matches the rod of the lever.

Then, at the same time as the rod enters the groove, the lower part interlocked with the lever slides to the right.

Along with this, the part sticking out from the left back connected to the lower part was pulled into the lock and the dial lock was unlocked.

The mechanism of the dial lock which was not understood from the outside was a movie that was very well understood.

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